Zwave TABLETOP Controllers

It seems there is not a 'perfect' HE replacement for my 4 button Insteon keypad mounted in their tabletop enclosure. Lack of a similar device has stymied my total transformation from x10/Insteon. So many cool mini, remote, fob, etc. options, but something more simple to hit from the tv chair or bedtime is missing from the zwave device portfolio.

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Would this work?


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Or this?




Perhaps an Intermatic Ha07 would be of interest.


Might you expand on your negative response?


I used to have x10 and had tons of fobs and all that stuff. Then moved to a closed zwave system and started using the app for everything. After I got used to it I never looked back on all those remotes and fobs. I was so used to having remotes and fobs all over with x10 it was just normal to put buttons everywhere but really my phone is with me.

Also integrating Hubitat with Homekit I can just ask Siri to do things or completely automate the task with timers or conditions. I do have some buttons around but they are multi functional. I have the Zooz Zen 34:

And you can double click or hold or click or other actions to do more than one thing. Same with that Aeotec one posted above that is another one I am considering because you can swipe and do other actions. It is more than just one button does one action like x10 did, now you can make it do more or run programs with button pushes.

The Zooz I have I put in the kitchen up under the cabinet so you can't see it but you can reach up and touch it. If you hit it you can turn the under cabinet lights on or off which also come on at sunset but sometimes you want them on in the morning. Then if you double tap you can open all the shades in several rooms or double tap and close all those shades. Even though it is only 2 buttons it is so much more powerful.

Will the zooz scene controller work no load in a table top housing?

I don't know how you'd get power to it on a tabletop, but it doesn't need a load to function--it will work perfectly fine as a button device on the Hubitat side of things with or without one (though if you do have a load, the large button will toggle it by default).

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Maybe I’m misinterpreting the initial post but Insteon had these table top enclosures that were single gang sized that you could run a power cord into.

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Ah, yeah, I'm not familiar with how those are powered. But if it's a standard-size US gang box with mains voltage, I guess it would work. :smiley: (I was imagining a battery device.)

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Not sure how the suggested replacements don't fit the bill. There is, albeit Zigbee, a 6 button aqara remote that can have up to 36 options programmed. It is Zigbee 3.0 and works very well. I like Zigbee because it's faster and doesn't suffer from ghosts like z-wave does.

Here's an example, it can be found cheaper


The Zooz one I posted above looks like a decora light switch but it is a remote. It is flat on the back, you can stick it to a wall, you can get an extra space wall plate and add onto what you already have, or put it anywhere or just carry it around. It is a magnetic thing that mounts it, it is pretty handy because it is just like a paddle wall switch and fits in with everything else.

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Forgot to say the Zooz thing runs on button batteries. That Aeotec one that someone else posted above is rechargeable. I have been looking at getting myself one of those too but I ended up with the Zooz first as it is most normal like a light switch.

There is a driver you can download from the Zooz site for the Hubitat to enable the advanced things and it can change the LED color of what command it is sending. It lets you add in the other options too. You can hold or hit it a whole bunch of times.

To get my shades to work I created a virtual button in the HE and then created a rule that when the Zooz is hit 2 times to press the virtual button once. Then I shared that virtual button with Homebridge. The shades I have are on my Ikea hub and I couldn't figure out how to get Homekit stuff to show up on the HE so this was the easiest to get the virtual button to show on the Homekit and then do the automation there.

I think the OP was just here to complain. Insteon doesn't currently make a 4 button keypad, if they ever did. Closest seems to be an 8 button/4 scene one.

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Yeah, I thought I had supplied something exactly like he was looking for. I love it when people get on the first time, ask for help, get it, complain about it, then just disappear. Kind of makes me not want to bother helping anyone.


Which driver do these switches use?

I have lots of the old Aeotec Minimote controllers and most of them don't work well since they have limited range and I think are only Zwave vs Zwave plus. Does this work better?

Not for me. Im not the one looking. I use Caseta remotes, myself.

Arrgh, can’t seem to post a picture! They offer a powered enclosure for an existing wall switch. Mount there instead of the wall. So smart, so simple.

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