Zwave repair

ok I will do and post tomorrow. Thanks

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Lots of ghosts that need to be removed. These five are pretty obvious .,,,



Not necessarily true for Zigbee locks. I have used Schlage, Kwiset and Yale Zigbee locks, and they all paired in place away from the hub. Don't want to derail this thread, but wanted to point that out.


OK. I search for How to remove ghosts but all the threads I saw didn't tell me how to. All I got from them is that they are a PIA to get rid of. Is there some software that does it?

Read through this thread:

Follow the steps under "The best way to use the hub's built-in ghost removal tools" first. If you can't get your ghosts to remove this way, you will likely need a USB stick and will have to proceed with the next section and the steps in the linked PDF. This will require a PC with the specified software.


I saw that 5 nodes had Discover so I did a repair and node 0F repaired. The other 4 did not and said Failed. I keep seeing Hubitat Ghost removal tool. Is that the repair tool I just did? If so then I have to do the UZB stick which sounds like a PIA.

IDK why you keep doing things that are not what you are being told to do here. Follow the steps in the section on the thread I mentioned and linked to above. You need to REMOVE the ghosts that you have. Follow the steps to get the remove button to appear. And yes, if you cannot get that to occur for your ghosts, you will need to use the USB stick and associated software.


You won't be able to do a full mesh repair until those ghosts are gone (and when they are a repair will not be unnecessary). They also will cause devices not to pair. Click the refresh button on those lines. A remove button will appear. Click that and wait and see if it removes. If it doesn't then you'll need the stick to remove it.


I'll go ahead and get on my soapbox again. All of the advice that has been given is 100% correct.

However, I still don't fundamentally understand why the C-8 can't do what the UZB/PC Controller process does. The OP is correct that it IS a PIA and it would be nice if there was an actual "force remove" from the ZW db rather than just the device list.

That said, I haven't had a ghost in a long time - it IS possible to be careful enough to not generate them, but I'd bet that almost all new adopters to the ZW world end up with them at least once. The PIA factor of removing them is a major source of early pain in this world - "wait, I just bought this hub that everyone loves and now I have to buy this other piece of hardware and use this extremely non-intuitive software just to make it work?"

Some of us old/medium-timers have just become accustomed to this being part of the world of Hubitat, but it really seems like something that shouldn't be so hard.

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Hubitat uses the current SDK platform to talk to the zwave chip. The hub asks the chip nicely to remove the node. Sometimes the chip checks and says nope I still think that node is responding. Sometimes the chip just ignores it (it seems). The hub is at the mercy of the zwave chip, especially if they want to be certified.

PC Controller is using an older style of communication with the USB stick and is more of a brute force approach. Since it is a development tool I am guessing it does not have to play by the same rules as certified controllers.

The issue with with Silicone Labs (so we are told).


I get this, but I am still left scratching my head a bit. I realize that in comparison to e.g. Ring (Amazon), Hubitat is tiny, but prior to switching to Hubitat, I had a decently large Z-Wave network of switches etc. connected to my Ring Alarm and never once had any of these problems; and I was certainly doing things that would have created ghosts (trying to pair things that were too far away, force removing things and then pairing them again etc. - things that brand new adopters do because they don't know any better yet).

I'm curious how the other Z-Wave device platforms get around it. Possibly they're just big enough to say to SiLabs, "you will certify us regardless of our compliance or we'll just use Zigbee or something else instead for our hundreds of thousands of devices that we sell every year."

This is covered in the Ghost Removal topic already, and has been discussed a number of times, maybe you missed it. HE has to follow certain rules for hub certification by SilLabs for Z-Wave, PC Controller SW is a development tool for SW engineers and does not have to follow those rules.

This. ^^^

I did a zwave uzb procedure. Wow was that long but they are still on the zwave list as discover. The only thing while reading is that power has to be removed. I don't even no which devices they are.
In the device class the read either Slave, Repeater,Sendor or door lock. all with (SIC) after them. I had rebooted the hub after removal also. I assume that these devices are battery operated but again I don't know which ones.

The screenshots you posted make it clear they are not battery powered devices.

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What procedure? Please, detail the steps you took. If you still see ghosts in your Hubitat hub after using a Z-Wave stick and the PC Controller software, you didn't do something correctly. Once you get the software setup correctly, finding and removing ghosts is fairly simple.

Have you tried any of this?:

  • Click Refresh on the device ONCE, wait for the page to refresh. The Remove button should then appear. Click Remove ONCE. Again, wait. May want to have logs open while doing this as well.
  • Sometimes it takes multiple tries of the Refresh button to get the Remove button to appear. Try to be patient and NOT click Refresh furiously. If you start getting "Zwave busy" error messages in your logs, power down and reboot again.
  • It is common for it to take multiple tries at the Refresh/Remove buttons to remove a ghost, give it at least five or six attempts before assuming it's not going to work. Shutting down/restarting between successful removals can also help.
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If you can't remove them through the Hubitat interface, the you will need a USB stick and will have to download the SiLabs controller software. Please use this link...

I did the exact procedure you indicated. I downloaded Silicon labs and Simplicity and followed all instructions. It took a while but did step by step. I had printed out the PDF file and did the removal.

And you're saying there are still ghosts left?

Yes. Zwave details show several in Discover.