Zwave radio “crashing” (Zwave no longer responding)

Curious if anyone else is seeing issues with Zwave going down on their C-7. This last time I restarted my hub it only lasted a couple days before going offline again.

On, which is when this seems to have started. Last time before this, stuff was still working, but logging for Zwave devices had stopped. :frowning:

Zwave details under settings does not load. So the hub has seemingly completely lost contact with the Zwave module.

Rebooting hub does not resolve. Have to shutdown, unplug, replug. :frowning:

Sounds like database corruption.

Go to settings>>back up and restore. Click the download button and save the file to your PC. This will be a clean backup.

Go to yourhubip:8081 and click softreset. Upon reboot you will restore the backup you saved on your computer.

Once you have done that do a shutdown from the settings menu. Unplug the hubitat at the wall (never the hub) for 10 mins. Power back up. See how things are. Once you do that post a shot of your z-wave settings page

hmm. have done this before. this time, clicking soft reset does nothing. =( sorry, no, it says "Unknown error occured". =(

Rebooted from 8081, and it came up having been reset. =/

Restored DB. Shut down for 10 minutes (via PoE port).

Will see how this goes. =)

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When you shut it down did you do it from the settings page first before powering off or did you just do it at the port?

sorry, I did shut it down (in a hurry because I started the PoE port shutdown by mistake first). it did register as "hub is shut down, you can remove power" (or whatever it says)

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Yeah dirty shutdowns can recorrupt the database, why I ask... What downloading the db does is actually clean it so when restored it's good

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yup. =)

That's because the browser has cached your credentials (Mac addr) and the hub isn't accepting them. Time out in other words that doesn't get the browser convinced. :slight_smile:

Refresh or clear browser cache is the solution.

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Makes sense. I had to open incognito just to see the error. :confused:

Just pretend that message was translated into:

Screen Shot 2022-02-12 at 10.02.01 AM

Of course, it would be nice if Hubitat did the translation :slight_smile:

Right @bobbyD ? :smiley:

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How's it behaving now?

Fine currently. Usually takes a couple days to flake out. :confused:

How does your z-wave details page look?

Fine. It’s got some routes to rediscover. A few things negotiated at 9.6 rather than expected 40-100.

We’ll see how things look tomorrow after nightly maintenance.

If those nodes persist at 9.6 next thing I'd try (after waiting, which is smart/good) would be an individual repair and then wait another couple days for them to hopefully re-route. Won't happen right away, @bcopeland has counseled patience waiting for the devices to find a new/better way home after a repair.

Yup. I haven’t run but one full repair on my c-7 since I got it, and then it was because a lot of us didn’t understand it wasn’t really necessary.

I’m also planning to move some of my repeaters in the next few days and hopefully “simplify” things. But we’ll see. :slight_smile:

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No ghosts? (or devices without routes?)

@rlithgow1, Bounty Hunter!!


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There's always a god damned ghost... :rofl: Seriously, the majority of z-wave issues I see are ghosts, zooz sensors, lack of good repeaters, or bad device. Yeah there are some z-wave revision probs but for the most part it's one of the 4.... I have a tendency to check for ghosts right off the bat I know... I should just make a macro key on my keyboard "Post a screen shot of your z-wave table"


Nope. Never had an issue with ghosts.

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