Zwave pairing 2.0.8

Anyone else unable to pair any zwave devices since the 2.0.8 upgrade changed the pairing process.....three new devices of various types unable to pair here.

Added 5 Zigbee devices today - have some new ZW devices coming Sunday.

The process didn't change, just a separate button for it now.

Make sure you are using a supported browser. Earlier today I saw a report from a user attempting to use the Edge Browser to do Z-Wave pairing and it immediately said it was done without doing the 30 second count-down.

I was using the Bing browser for android which worked fine with all previous releases. And, my other browser is Edge :slight_smile:

Countdown seems to work fine in bing.

Almost 25 years of using Netscape/Firefox, and firefox has been going downhill so switched to Bing/Edge last year which actually work quite well as an android/windows combination and lets me avoid being sucked into the Chrome-everse (where google knows what's best and will censor anyone who might offend global political correctness...).

I Excluded and the Included several devices since I got 2.0.8. I never had a Hubitat issue. My problem always seems to be my memory of what the device wants to go into the Include/Exclude. I "remember" the device just wants the battery removed, 5 sec, battery back. Then I read the manual and find out I have to click some nearly invisible button 3 times while facing northeast. Usually the 60 seconds is long gone by the time I am ready to try again :slight_smile:

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Except,,,isn't Microsoft drinking the Google Cool-Aid and using the Chromium engine in the new Edge Browser????



I'm still hoping they will get enough pushback to abandon that decision....or, at least, allow to run in a legacy mode for a long time. In any case, it's a future thing - not what's deployed now.

It's happening, push back or no. Edge with Chromium is in internal testing, a version leaked to the press to mostly positive reviews. It will likely roll out to the insider program members within a month. The only legacy mode will be an enterprise feature to run a tab in IE mode for legacy web applications. EdgeHTML will still live on to render Windows 10 apps that were built for it. I like that since MS made the announcement, Google has been updating their browser with features that were unique to Edge. The browser wars are back on! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And thank goodness!!! The 1st public version of chromium based Edge will be more feature filled, and less buggy, than the internal Edge version MS spent 4 years working on.

Their internal Edge development team should all be fired. That was a poor attempt at a browser after 4 years work. In my opinion.

And yes, I did use it. Every day (unfortunately). We had to use it for compatibility testing at work.

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Yes, although the update did an excellent job allowing to pair V1 Iris devices, I am now having difficulty pairing a Lowes Utiltech Zwave Siren. It it
will consistently begin paring (after a hub re boot, 5+1 button push on siren) and say "Found Z-Wave device with it 00 Initializing" but locks there and doesn't go any further. This same siren three days ago paired without issue. I was trying to get two 3405-L Iris Keypad to work and I thought my issue might be with the siren. I see from thread regarding hot fix release, Version seems to address the similar Home with Partial, or arm Night issues I am finding. Anyone having difficulty or can staff address if this is a result of the new hot fix? Also, my 3405-L keypads have an "OFF", "PARTIAL" and "ON" button (as well as "PANIC") and I cannot get Hubitat to properly use the PARTIAL and ON. It seems to go to night regardless of whether I push Partial or On. Anyone having this issue? Thank you, I have been working most the weekend transitioning my 100+ Iris items into Hubitat.

Welcome to the Hubitat Community!

Did you try an Exclude (for a General Exclusion) in HE first, then reboot the hub (not normally needed, but you are saying it's doing something for you), then try Include? Doesn't matter if it's new. Some devices need it to factory reset before joining.

Yes, exclude in HE first, then reboot (only because it was the only process I could get to see it at all), then Include. Factory reset before joining. Only if I reboot after exclude and include does it see it at all. Then it goes into "initializing" but never comes out. It worked before the last hot fix so I figure it must be something to do with that.

Also, are you having any issues or experience with the Iris 3405-L keypad. The "Partial" and "On" buttons set system into Night mode. I double checked the settings and still don't understand the concept of "arming to home". Is that the same as disarming? Having a bit of vernacular issue.
I have (had) a medium size Iris system with around 80 devices and I have unpaired all but 8. Hubitat seems to have the best hardware (and love the v1 support) but because they don't have an efficient way to ask questions, I also purchased a Vera who has 24/7 telephone support (and you can usually understand the accents but so far I have talked with people in western europe, eastern europe, and the far east. Each person has so far been extremely responsive (ie: going into detail Dome Detector DMMS1 settings and referencing to me page number in manual on what they did so I could understand the process). I also bought a Samsung Smartthings but it was a total waste of time and money. I have been intermittently working on this for 3 to 4 weeks and unfortunately have not finished. Iris was generous with their rebate but if I would never have gone away from them if they didn't shut it down. I see right now running both Hubitat and Vera. Hubitat for the v1 sensors (which do temperature) and v1 motions and Vera for security. I would rather just use Hubitat as they refine their product.

Any comments or direction anyone has about Iris keypad and siren would be appreciated. That has sort of moved to to Vera for the security aspects of the system.

There is a reason I use the Edge Browser.

As a techie, I used computers extensively with every kind of display invented from 1981-2015....including 30" plus $3k displays. However, I started to become sensitive to overall electronic light ...and had to take a 1yr sabbatical from anything bigger than a tablet to prevent excessive tearing and headaches. In 2016, I was able to return to using 12"-15" displays when set at low to moderate brightness, and my vision mostly returned to normal in 2017...but smaller displays are still much easier on the eyes.

If one configures the windows desktop properly, websites will show up almost perfectly and extremely readable in edge even when magnification set to 225% on a 12.3" surface pro 6.

Firefox and Chrome meanwhile require constant fussing around with custom font sizes and zoom levels, sometimes changing from one website to the next. The edge browser, as it currently is, is so much more reliable for my daily needs. Whoever handled the resizing and layout did an amazing job.....and, this is from someone who avoided internet explorer for 20 years like the plague.

I have poor hopes for the new chromium version of edge.....if for no other reason than that I see it has custom font settings that current edge doesn't, which suggests it will be a nightmare again.

Yeah, I would fully expect that the font handling will be more like Chrome in the new chromium based Edge.

Join the Windows Insiders program and submit this as feedback if you lose any accessibility feature. Microsoft has a priority to be as inclusive as possible these days. It seems like 75% of the improvements slated for 1H19 are for magnifier and navigator.

Z-Wave excluding for Edge compatibility will be fixed in 2.0.9

Normally, our stance is we will not spend any development time on making things compatible with Edge, since it will be losing its edgeHTML render engine for a chromium based solution. We test against Chrome, Firefox and Safari (mac only) for desktops and latest OS's for Android (Chrome) and iOS (Safari) . We can not support anything else and functionality can not be guaranteed if not using the latest browser of that last.

Once Edge is released with Chromium core, it will be added back in to the test suite.

I'm not sure about the browser issues, but I've certainly had issues with pairing Z-wave devices as I've been transitioning over from Lowe's Iris. It seemed to be a range issue, and I had to take the Hubitat and move it around while plugged into a portably battery, getting it very close to the device I was trying to pair. I have a mesh Wi-Fi system, so have a few routers around that I could plug the Hubitat into to get it connect to the LAN. If any of the Z-wave messages were missed, the pairing would hang, so I had to keep it quite close to get reliable exclusion and pairing.

You are not supposed to do that, moving the hub, put your hub where it is supposed to be and do a z wave repair, then continue adding devices, then do another repair.

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Probably the only exception is lock with secure pairing and for whatever reason you couldn't bring the lock close to the hub.