Zwave ghost - with route info?

I know I've seen many folks talk about them, save me 30 seconds of searching LOL which one do you use?

The zooz 700 one off of amazon. (I think the 800 is out now) but any one will do. 500, 700, or 800. Doesn't matter.

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TY Ordered

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Out of curiosity - In the Z-Wave Details screen, is there an option to update the firmware? There were some issues from older firmware that were resolved and removing ghost should work better with the new firmware. That said, there are exceptions to every rules, and the Z-Wave stick does remove them very well. Just a bit of a pain to get and install the related software.

I don't believe there was one.

A couple months ago I upgraded firmware on all of my zooz switches. Some of them got defaulted and needed to be paired to get online again. Pretty sure that's where the ghosts came from.

I did end up flipping breakers. I was afraid to cause more mesh issues doing it, but alas it didn't work.

The ghosts look like dimmers (multilevel). I definitely air gapped all those too.

Oh well, the stick will be here tomorrow.. I downloaded a pdf guide from someone here to follow but didn't really look at it yet.

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The update firmware button is for the radio on the hubitat itself. If it's not at the top of the z-wave details page you've already done it.,


This thread is full of good details on ghost removal:


Well this is frustrating. Got my zooz stick, and installed the simplicity software but Windows 10 just keeps detecting it as a generic serial port. I can't find and Bin\ZW050x_USB_VCP_PC_Driver folder anywhere on my PC to update it in device manager manually..

You don't need to do that. It should show up in the simplicity software just fine,.

Yeah it's not. Rebooted, unplugged, replugged several times but it's not detecting it.

Windows dings when I plug it in, but just shows up as a generic serial port in device manager

Yes it is.

Can you screen shot it within the silabs software?

I just uninstalled the whole simplicity studio, and re-installed it. Still won't detect the stick. Different usb port, no difference. :frowning:

That connected devices drop down box is blank, even when you click in it.


Mine looks the same way, did you install the z-wave controller software within SS? That's where you see it. You mustbe logged into your SilLabs account in the Simplicity Studio software to install the Z-Wave tools/PC Controller add-ons. You're not on mac are you?

I don't think I did. Maybe I'm dumb and missed something. I'll have to poke around when I get back home again lol

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lol yeah I'm bad at following directions. I missed the whole, click on Tools, then Zwave controller.

I just assumed I had to have it detect the device first on that main screen. :slight_smile:

Ghosts are removed with the stick!

Thank you everyone for your guidance! :slight_smile:


I would never be able to do it again without those excellent directions.


It’s so satisfying when it works.