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Does the routing column on the zwave details page get updated as part of the nightly cleanup?

I thought on ST it was refreshed after a zwave repair but it doesnt seem to be the case here. It seems like every night it does something to tell me the current state, but given I am replacing zwave switches for zwave plus ones, it would be nice to be able to refresh it to see where it might be best for me to put the next one.

Here is an example of what I hope is just a case of the routes being old and not refreshed since I can't see how with more hops and the same route it gets stronger:

01 -> 1E -> 1F 9.6kbps
01 -> 1E -> 1F -> 2F 100kbps

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Thanks. Really wished the GUI was updated as the very last part of a Zwave repair process and showed the routes at that point. Guess waiting 30 minutes isn't the end of the world but you know how it is when you are trying to debug an issue.

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The routing table has not changed in a couple days so this is not an issue of updating. Is the kbps shown the speed of the entire route or is it fair to assume its just the speed of the last hop? If its the latter it kinda makes sense since 1F to 2F are two z+ devices relatively close to each other. If its the speed of the route its kinda goofy since its following the same pathway only further.

I got 1E to 1F up to 40kbps but of course messed up another route and set of lights by doing that. At some point every plug I have will have a repeater in it and might need to put in strips just to get more :wink:

I really officially hate the zwave details page :frowning: I have a device not working and it "was" on the edge of my mesh. I have added in repeaters (aeotech7) all over the place and additional zwaveplus plugged in devices to act as repeaters. I have eliminated all of my zwave devices that worked while I was on smartthings and doubled the count of zwave plus devices as part of that replacement. The devices are still flaky in their status updates and turning on/off.

The zwave page is at best sketchy in its reporting and in this case can't be right. Ive done 3 zwave repairs a night before 2am for three nights and it still shows the pathway as going through a device that is literally unplugged and sitting on my desk (I did plug it in and test that I wasnt dreaming).

01 -> 30 -> 3E -> 3D -> 3C -> 1F 40kbps

3C is unplugged and has been for 3 days now sitting on my desk. Is there a better way to see the pathway these devices are using? Its more than disappointing that the hub can not tell you this. I dont think its an unreasonable ask. Is it?

Might have to give up on this C7 hub. It’s ability to manage zwave devices is just not sufficient. I have rules that flip on zwave, LIFX and wemo devices. Wemo devices are turning on immediately and Zwave are at best are taking 15-30 seconds. Some minutes. We like to rip on ST but it never had as many repeaters that I have now, had only zwave as opposed to zwave plus and was never this slow. Pretty disappointed on how this has turned out.

well you shouldnt have devices in your mesh unplugged and in a drawer.. if not using them unpair them as this definately can cause issues till the routes settle.

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Hear you and agree with you... but it is a mesh and supposed to route around it. That said I have plugged them all in and in a place where they should not be used/useful for now.

And having been on ST since the kickstarter I would argue that if a device ever got unplugged (which happened in the early days by my wife all the time) a simple zwave repair fixed it until I figured out what the hell she had pulled for a vacuum. Here the mesh is way more built out and it still cant resolve.

i'm bitter and need a vacation away from a hot, smoky bay area...

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