ZWave broken (again)

So, this happened again, two months later. Just as last time, power recycling (for two hours) did not help, but power cycling and disconnecting the ZWave stick (Hubitat C-5 rev, again for two hours, did help.
Which is fine in the short term, but long-term it's not good enough, especially since I am selling my apartment within 12 months, and it needs to be stable. What to do?

  • If I replace the Hubitat with a C-7 (which has a different ZWave chip), would that work? Is there a reasonable way to migrate, or do I need to reconfigure everything?
  • Can the ZWave stick be replaced, and would that work? I have a spare Aeotec stick, could I use that? Since the ZWave config is in the stick(?), would I need to reconfigure everything?
  • Could I set up a script or something and run int once a month or so to reset everything?
  • Or is the problem in my config, and I need to change something there?
  • Or?

As you have a C-5, it is next to impossible to tell what the issue is without information gathered using a secondary controller.

My suggestion would be to sell your apartment without the smarts because your setup isn’t reliable.