ZWave Broken After Adding Zooz ZSE40

Correct. That, as I understand it, is unfortunately the way the prompt is supposed to work according to the organisation that makes the Z-Wave standards.

I did the same thing. Initially, I had used a Z-Wave USB stick to add them to my C7 hub, but I found that for whatever reason, they sometimes became very chatty and flooded my Z-Wave mesh. Moving them to my C5 resolved that issue.


This is the way.


Thanks all, my C5 was bound for my parents house but maybe I will just buy them a C7. I switched out my Zooz 4 in 1s for some Inovelli 4 in 1s had laying around but the motion only picks up about 3-5 ft out on my Inovelli at max sensitivity, just doesn’t work the same.

How snappy is the event data transfer through meshed hubs hubs together compared to a Zwave device taking couple hops through a repeater?

Perhaps purchase a C5. It has been/is rock solid for Z-Wave...

I have not noticed any difference in speed between devices directly connected to the hub and those connected through Hub Mesh.

I will add my 2 cents with the 4-in-1's and C7 as well. I have been having periods where I could not get any devices to respond to manual events like clicking a button in a dashboard but the receiving part seemed t be fine. Anyway after others told me about the C7 and 4-in-1 incompatibility (especially with C0 security) I removed them from my network and so far so good. Hopefully that will be fixed someday as these were not all that cheap.


Sorry if this sounds stupid, but what exactly are these devices doing so wrong to disrupt things? I got 3 and added one and was seeing some issues with scenes completing. So I excluded it, but also excluded every device since I paired them with Security classes and that was also suggested. Now that I have all devices re-included without security (except 2 door locks), I wanted to try to add the ZSE40s back in but want to know what to look out for. I did note in logs it was super active, so I disabled the log debug and log description text logging and to be honest it seems like it's working quite nicely. Setup a motion app with it just to play with and that works great (and quick)

What to look out for is your zwave switches not responding occasionally. You might be able to get by with one of them without security but I don't know. I do know that with 4 of them even with no security and reporting turned down to the minimum I was still getting dropouts every few days. After removing all of them the dropouts have stopped.

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I found that they would be too chatty and overwhelm my Z-Wave network. I have a Z-Wave Toolbox that allows me to monitor my mesh and found that when I was having issues, the ZSE40 was flooding the mesh with messages, even when paired with no security. Moving them back to my C5 hub solved the problem.


I just bought 5 of the zooz zse40 ver 2.0 and after reading this, are these new version "quieter" or will they also bring down my z-wave network with talking too much?
My network now occasionally stops responding, but I haven't figured out where the bottleneck is.
I have ecolink plugs, evalogic dimmers, honeywell fan speed controller (1).
I do notice that about every 5 minutes the plugs send their status even though I have turned off logging.
also I am using Ecobee stats with Ecobee suite, and that seems to talk alot also. I have 5 stats.

What would be a good way to try and determine what might be causing the random non-responsiveness of my network?
I have a C7 ver. fw.

When my system works, it works well, but occasionally misses triggers.

If this is the wrong place to put this, please advise me where to post!
Thanks all!

If you have a C-7 hub, they can very likely be the cause of your problems.

Logging just adds the information to the log. It doesn’t impact the signal that is sent from the plug. Depending on the plug and the driver, there can be ways to control how often the device reports back.

You may want to first try removing the ZSE40 devices from your network (replacing them with a virtual device in your rules and apps would ensure they don’t have issues).

You may also want to check if you have any ghost devices. Those will also cause issues.

Finally, if any of your devices report power, it would be best to reduce the frequency as this will have a negative impact on mesh performance.

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Thank you Sebastien for the FAST response!
First, I don't have any of the ZSE40's yet, just a ecolink pir-zwave2.5-eco set for 4 min reporting and it seems to work pretty good.

So if I understand you about the logging, filling the log with "xxxswitch is off" every 5 minutes isn't going to "flood" the network? I wouldn't think so because of the small amount of data being sent and the low frequency between events.

None of my devices report power either.
I will check for ghost devices as I know I have a few that I installed for testing that are physically not there but are on the device list.
I didn't think they would affect things, but if the hub is trying to get their attention, and there is nothing there to respond, I guess that could stop other things from occurring while the hub waits and then times out?

I will remove the ghosts and see if things improve.
Thanks for the ideas!

This could definitively cause issues - removing them should make a difference, but it may take some time for the mesh to heal.

Correct. The information hapens whether or not it is logged.

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Hi Sebastien!
Well I am finding a few (about 6-10) ghost devices (were installed for tests and old controls), but are not even powered now, and am removing them as we speak.

A few are wifi so not even on the z-wave mesh, but still have entries in my hub so possibly are being "pinged" with no response.

I will give it a day or two for the mesh to heal and see if things come back to snappy responses like it used to be.

Also wanted to make sure that all the logging for the repetitive queries wasn't taking alot of time from the hub's processing and filling up memory in the hub.
The logging is helpful for troubleshooting, but isn't needed for regular use, regardless I will get in the practice of keep it off unless I need it.

I know this is off the topic of this thread, but I appreciate all the help!

BTW... I will see what happens when I install the ZSE40's and how that affects the performance. I hope it doesn't, but from what this thread indicates, I may have problems! UGH!

That shouldn’t be a problem.

I do the same - turn off logging as much as possible. It helps me focus on errors when they occur.

I had done the same thing before it was common knowledge that they were an issue with the mesh - ended-up removing them and then adding them with a USB Z-Wave Switch to avoid S0 security - it seemed to work for a while but I eventually found I had issues again. I have a Z-Wave toolbox and was able to confirm they were spamming my mesh. As it happens, I still had my older C-5 mesh and paired them with it, and have been happy since.

Too bad about the 40's spamming the mesh. They seemed like a nice motion sensor but if they bring the mesh down, they aren't useful.
Guess I will maybe try them (although there is enough evidence to prove them as being bad), but probably return them.
RATS! I was hopeful.....

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I have a couple of 40’s as well. They are running on the C5 with no issues. I did just get a silicone labs z wave stick so I am going to try and add the 40’s to the C7 with no security and see what happens. I did buy two the ZSE11’s but the humidity is off by 10% on both so they are going back.

@pooch It would be interesting to see what your results are for your C7 and the 40's.
I emailed Thesmartesthouse (where I bought them) and asked them to remove them from my order.
I don't think my order has been put together so I would think they could pull the devices.
I didn't feel like paying for shipping back to them if they didn't work. May use Amazon instead.

How can I tell if the sensors are spamming my network? would it be in the logs?

I had tried putting them on with a USB stick with no security on my C7 and it worked, but they did spam my network anyway unfortunately and I had to remove them - move them back to my C5. I was only able to recognize them as the culprit of my mesh disruption by seeing their behaviour on my Z-wave toolbox when my devices stopped functioning properly. There was no indication of an issue in my C7 logs unfortunately.

I hear however that Zooz will have a replacement for this device. I really like it, it’s just unfortunate that it doesn’t play well with the 700 series Z-Wave chip.

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@Sebastien I tried the Zooz replacement, the ZSE11. The humidity in my pair of sensors was off by 10% and the driver doesn’t allow for an offset like the 40’s have, so I am returning them. Going to try pairing the 40’s to the C7 with no security and see if I get the same results. I wish Zooz would write their own drivers like Inovelli does.

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