ZSE18 - Always Active

Hello - my new ZSE18 device always shows as active. I'm running the latest Hubitat FW, re-paired the device three times, always the same outcome. I've attached some images for you to see:

Note, the motion is still showing as active even though it has been in an empty room for the past 10 minutes.

Last update from device was from last motion detect.

I have 2 of those and they are not doing that. Tagging @agnes.zooz for her input.

Thanks for tagging the other person.

Small update - the device shows it's last update time was 12:52:48.
Still showing last activity at 12:28:20.

Motion still active.

After playing around a bit more, it looks like I require more zwave devices to extend my network. The distance I'm getting to my first device is so short. First time using this stuff!

That being said, I'm trying to go through one basic wall and 10 feet away. It loses its connection to the HUB. Is this normal?

By basic wall I assume you mean wood studs and drywall? No it should be okay if it's that close. Mine is further than that but I do have a Zooz power strip that is, by chance, between the hub and sensor and the other one is in the same room as the hub but I haven't seen other people posting issues about it here. I do recall when I first set it up that it was behaving oddly until I clicked on Save Preferences and maybe even Refresh I don't recall 100% now as it's been a few weeks.

Not sure this will help at all, but when I installed my ZSE18 2 weeks ago the driver that it picked up in hubitat just made the device act really strange with motion detection. I found below a port of the driver for when I used mine in ST. This driver worked great and my ZSE18 is working perfectly now. Can't hurt to try it.

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@bbdj please send me a message if the sensor is still not working correctly for you so we can take care of that for you! It should report well even with the built-in driver as long as there's enough Z-Wave coverage in that area and as long as the hub is routing to it correctly.

Thanks for the message - It might just be the range, but range is sooo atrocious. It's my first ZWave device.

MIne goes through 3 walls and 2.5 rooms to reach my hub, about 18-20 feet and no problems at all with that

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