Zooz ZSE70 Sensor

Anyone know if Hubitat is going to add a driver for the new Zooz ZSE70 sensor?

@jtp10181 would be the one I normally defer to on all matters Zooz…

Where are you even seeing this? It's not on their website or even in their Z-Wave certification database as far as I can see.

That being said, Hubitat does normally include drivers for new Zooz devices in future platform updates. Community developers, as above, sometimes get there first and often offer more features either way.

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Get one in my hands and I will make a driver for it. Zooz will usually send me a sample if they need a driver quick.

That being said, I have never heard of the ZSE70 and Zooz usually tells me about new devices coming. I do know of two refreshed ZSE sensor devices coming soon, maybe they are renaming one of them to the ZSE70?

I have been looking for an outdoor motion sensor for a few weeks and somewhere I found a mention of the ZSE70 with a release date of 3/2024. I wrote them and this was their response:

Hi Danielle,

Thank you for reaching out!

The ETA for the ZSE70 is April of this year.

Please let us know if you have any other questions!


Zooz Support Team

By the way @jtp10181 I'm having trouble with your ZEN54 driver not dimming. It's only acting as an on/off switch.

I just emailed them asking about getting a sample if they would like me to do a driver.

For the ZEN54, did you run configure after switching to my driver? Can you give some screenshots or more detail of what the problem is exactly? Did you try the built in HE driver (I have never tried it myself)?

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There isn't a built in driver for the ZEN54. I will try to do a configure when I get back on that project.

It was just added in 2.3.8: Release 2.3.8 Available

Added ZSE70 to HPM


Just got my 2 ZSE70s that are long awaited. Need any further feedback or such since these are still so new?

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No nothing special, just let me know if you find any issues. My test device has been sitting here in my office for a few weeks running my driver. I just had to wait for it to actually be for sale to post it.

How are the false positives on this sensor while outside?

@jtp10181 Any chance you can post a screenshot of your sensor's driver details page to see what configuration options are? I'm interested in grabbing one to see how it pairs up against my HUE Outdoor Motion sensors with this sensor's power supply capability and Z-wave.

Here is the full settings docs: ZSE70 Outdoor Motion Sensor Advanced Settings - Zooz Support Center

Here is what it looks like on my driver:

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