Zooz ZSE19 sketchy with 2.2.4

I've been happy with 2.2.4- no noticeable issues with my z-wave mesh, all devices and rules behaving normally, with one exception. My ZSE19 multisiren hasn't been nearly as reliable since

I have a smattering of Ecolink contact sensors on exterior doors, and one Sensitive Strips Guard on the front door. I have a very simple rule that instructs the ZSE19 to play a sound from its library whenever one of these sensors shows open. This worked flawlessly in 2.2.3, however I've noticed problems since I wasn't paying attention before .145, but the problem may have been present in all 2.2.4 builds.

The contact sensors all work well- open/close events show up in the log immediately. Also logged are the commands sent to the ZSE19- it shows that it's being instructed to play chime number 38 every time. However, I often don't hear a chime at all. Sometimes it's delayed by many seconds, and sometimes it plays the chime 2 or 3 times, despite only being told to play a single chime. The ZSE19 is paired S2 Authenticated, and has been since 2.2.3...

Any ideas?

I see this exact behavior now with 2.2.3.. Since the driver is Zooz Multisiren S2, I am assuming it is provided by zooz?

I have a ticket open with them on this a right now, I will share if they provide any help. SO far just the usual, which version, how far is it from the hub, etc.

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I'm seeing the same thing I believe. Any updates? @agnes.zooz. Anything we can try?

The first thing I'd recommend is trying to include the siren without security (all security boxes unchecked at inclusion) in case the issue has anything to do with how secure messages are routed.

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I'd suspect the Ecolink contact sensors, but for the ambiguity of this statement. Mine, and others' problems, presented by the contact sensor showing open or close in the log, but then the target device reacting after a time delay, again in the log, and sometimes not at all.

The temporary fix for the Ecolink, and I believe most battery operated contact sensors that are acting up, involves selecting the Ring Security Contact Sensor as the driver. Worked for me.

No, it's not a driver issue with the contact sensor. I use the Aeotek door/window 7 driver with this sensor and the first part of the automation is always instant. Triggered on the sensor opening, I turn on a light and send a command to the Zooz siren to play a chime from the library. The light always pops on immediately. The siren is occasionally quick (sub-second) but is all too often very slow... multiple seconds. I have noticed that if I trigger the automation a 2nd time shortly after, the siren is usually much faster. The light always popping on instantly is pretty conclusive evidence that I don't have a sensor issue, imo.

Thanks @agnes.zooz. Same issue but it seems to fire reliably when I run the rule manually. I think it's a Hubitat issue not a Zooz issue. The contact sensor is also very responsive, just something going on where the rule has some sort of delay. Who can help on the Hubitat side? I can provide any info needed let me know.

I'm having the same issue. I have an Aeotec Siren 6 also, and it works flawlessly and quickly. The Zoos siren has better features and custom sounds, though, so I purchased one to replace my Aeotec.

It takes about 2 seconds (which seems longer when you are waiting) for the chime to sound. I'm using a Rule Machine rule to play the door chime sound.

I thought maybe it had something to do with the way that the wav file that I used was encoded, but I re-encoded my wav files to be a lower quality, and still very slow. But even the files that shipped on the unit are slow.

I know my contact sensors are good, because the Aeotec siren is lightening fast.

I have mostly Zigbee devices - only 5 Zwave devices, and the Zooz siren is only about 10 ft from the Hubitat. I'm using build of HE.

Has anyone been able to get this device running fast? Am I wasting my time with a product that just has a big flaw?

Hey Folks,

I am experiencing the same thing @agnes.zooz. Anyone figure this out yet? My Siren is 5 feet away from the hub clear line of sight with an excellent connection as seen in the dB below. 15 repeaters around it too, Delay is high an I have had 185 route changes in a day. Even though it's always been direct as far as I can tell.

Is my firmware up to date?

The siren is definitely up to date. Please get in touch with our support team and include some logs of the delayed communication so we can look into this for you.


Done! One of the many things I like about Zooz....The support is fantastic!


I experience a lot of problems after an update. I rolled back to a previous backup and then everything worked again but after doing another update it was fixed again. He might have to roll back to .142 then up to .158

For some reason my machine is saying there is not update since I think it was from 2.2.8 to 2.2.9 when I had issues. I would just try It seems stable. They did some nice updates, driver installation now has a GUI.

I mostly have Z-Wave Plus, then zigbee and a few old Z-Wave ones and several LAN devices.

Hi there, I know this is an old thread but looking for a new siren as my Dome Z-Wave siren often plays repeated chimes and when the siren goes off due to the home alarm being triggered, once I disarm it takes the siren minutes to stop blaring.

I was considering the Zooz ZSE19 but see you folks were having similar issues and wondering if those issues were ever resolved? Is it a good siren these days?

I have an old Aeotec Gen 5 Siren (originally from a doorbell/siren combo) and it occasionally doubles up on chimes but usually only for door open alerts not the doorbell - I intercept Ring doorbell presses and sound a doorbell chime. I still like the old one because I can use custom sounds.

I also have an EcoLink ISZW7-ECO siren/chime but have not used it yet. Sold out on Amazon and other places just too expensive.

If looking for a straight up siren you could get a non-smart one and use a smart plug or relay with it. The other thought is pipe sound through speakers like Sonos. I've triggered things like dogs barking.

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