Zooz ZEN77 - Can't adjust "ramp rate OFF physical"

Hi everyone, I'm a new Hubitat C-7 user and I'm having some issues configuring a Zooz ZEN77.

Switch: ZEN77 V2.0, Firmware 2.20.

My overall goal is for the physical presses to cause Instant-ON and Instant-OFF.

According to the FW Release Notes, an option called "ramp rate OFF physical (27)" is available.

But I can't find this option in the Hubitat Driver interface. How can I alter the "ramp rate OFF physical (27)" parameter?

Are you using the advanced driver from jtp?

I am not aware of an Advanced Driver.

Thanks for the info, I will investigate it.

My driver posted above should expose that setting for you, reply back here if you have any issues, I am watching this thread now.

Thanks for jumping in, @jtp10181 .

I installed HPM and tried to load 'Zooz Switches Advanced Drivers' for Switch and Dimmer. It came back with:

An error occurred downloading https://jtp10181.gateway.scarf.sh/zooz-zen-switch.groovy

Maybe HPM has out of date repository URLs. But I'm guessing the Zooz Advanced Driver's Groovy script can be directly loaded, so I'll try that approach.

No that's the correct URL for the driver code, it works here. Possibly you have some sort of DNS blocking that is blocking that site. I just use that scarf gateway site to estimate how many people download through HPM, it doesn't really do any other tracking just counts how many times people hit that URL. But, yes you can manually grab the code and put it into the drivers as well. If you then do a "Matchup" in HPM you will get notified of future updates.

I agree that some kind of DNS resolution issue is going on.

My CloudFlare Zero Trust is showing no problem, but clearly something else is going on. I am investigating.

I think I figured it out.

The RSA Security Certificate for jtp10181.gateway.scarf.sh is self-signed, and the connection is failing on that basis.

It describes itself as:

Kubernetes Ingress Controller Fake Certificate

Organisation: Acme Co
Common Name: Kubernetes Ingress Controller Fake Certificate

SHA-256 Fingerprint: B1:77:F3:C0:F0:47:13:2C:08:70:53:69:39:35:43:BD:97:BF:6F:13:DB:23:D4:C6:59:5E:2B:A1:23:BD:EF:D0

Certificate Authority: No

IP Addr:,

Is this really what you intended?


To get around the connection issue, I temporarily changed network config and successfully installed the drivers. Actually it is working quite well! :slight_smile:

I have some other questions, but I'll post in the official thread for that. Thanks again for jumping into this thread!

Its provided by that site, was not aware of that, although no one else has had issues that I know of.

Up to now, I do not fully understand what's going on - I don't see how changing DNS provider will affect SSL certificate validation, unless DNS changes are currently being propagated.

Regardless, I've got the driver and it is working! Thank you!

That's nifty. I was just looking for a way to get stats like that too...more for curiousity than anything else.

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