Zooz ZEN74 S2 devices not responding

I have been searching for where to look for help on this with no luck.

I have the C8 hub with all updates installed. I have approx 20 devices that work fine. I recently installed Zooz Zen74 S2 toggle dimmers. They worked initially, but now I get his error in the log. They still work manually. When using them manually, they do show on / off in the log.

new supervised packet for session
resending new supervised package for session

Can anyone direct me where to look for more information on this issue?

Thank you!

Thats from the system driver and means the device did not respond to the supervision request, so the driver is re-sending the packet.

First I would power off the hub and unplug for 30 seconds, then plug back in. Also restart the devices, air-gap or breaker.

See if that helps.

You could also try out this custom driver to see if that makes a difference:
-- [DRIVER] Zooz ZEN Switches Advanced (and Dimmers)

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That solved the problem. Geez, I feel like an idiot and should have just done that at first .. definitely over thinking it

I will see if it comes back before I try the custom driver.

Thank you for the quick response and help!

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Hint: That driver is mine, and it will expose ALL the device settings. So if you are a settings tweaker you will want that driver.

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Interesting. Few days ago I replaced 7 old dimmers with ZEN77 and experienced the same problem with near all of them. My "fix" for the problem was temporary use a "device" as a driver,
clear everything and reattach back a real (system) driver. After that all new ZEN77 dimmers are working just fine.