Zooz Zen74/73 drivers

Hallo, any good temp driver for the new Zen74 & Zen73 toggle dimmers? It defaults to the 77 but doubletap is not recognized there.

I have full support for all the features and parameters. I followed the Zooz docs for assigning button numbers for the events so the 2x, 3x, 4x and 5x tap is registered as a button number (double tap is 3 for up and 4 for down). Its easy to test out and check the logs to get the events that get pushed.

I have thought about adding the actual doubleTapped event as well, possibly as a toggle setting. Let me know if you fell like that is important to have vs using the separate button number.

Thank you, didn't realize there was a bit of a setup to get it going. (that's what I get for not RTFM)

From what I have seen the stock drivers are meant to get most users up and running with basic functionality, they are also trying to support a wide range of devices. This comes with the drawback of possibly not supporting all the advanced features and also may not support brand new devices right away.

Community drivers can be as advanced as the author wishes to maintain, and they can add support for devices quickly by just publishing new code for users to download. Drawback is that there is not guaranteed ongoing support, the author could drop the project at any time.

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