Zooz Zen72 as a Button Controller


I have migrated an existing Zooz Zen72 800 LR dimmer into Hubitat. I'm using this to control Hue recessed light. I have smart bulb mode enabled/local control disabled in the Zen72 settings. So I had planned to setup the Button Controller or Dimmer Button Controller. But the Zooz Zen72 doesn't show as a button enabled device. Is there a way to get the Zen72 to show for button control?

You'll need to enable the parameter for "scene control" -- looks like parameter 13 for the Z72.

That was the missing piece, thank you!

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Hey you forgot to send them my way too. Where is the love? j/k :heart:

Anyway... @user532 be sure to check this out if you do not have it already. All device settings exposed and explained right on the device page

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Ha, yes, I definitely should've! OP, Jeff's driver is the bomb, and if you have other Zooz stuff too, he's likely got you covered for that as well. Very good stuff :+1: