Zooz Zen52 Double Relay turning on on it's own

Keeps turning on at random times. Double relay. Relay one is the fan light and relay 2 is the fan. I have debug turned on but I am having no luck. I have rm 5.1 shut it back off after 10 seconds and notify me. you can see that it came on several times overnight.


On the device page look at the In Use By section. If it's being used by Amazon then turn of Alexa Hunches in the Alexa app. You can also look in the device's Events and see what called for it to be turned on at 11:27.

You can also go to the "Events" page for that relay child device and see what is calling the on command.

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Do not like that lady so I do not use her. I have been through all of the use by's as well.

The logs say the on and off are physical events. If you command it from the device page does it report as physical or digital? Perhaps check the wiring and switch to make sure there isn't a short somewhere?


Go the the Log page then go to Schedule jobs tab. Is there anything scheduled for the fan?
Is there a rule that turns the fan on? If so, check the Event Subscriptions.

Nothing scheduled.

The one in the middle.

Going back to the Events page screenshot, the relay itself is turning on the child. I would look at whatever is connected to the switch input of the relay.


I have 12 of these and the are hardwired. This is the only one doing it of the 5 out of 12 with fans. The interesting thing is on this relay the light on child 1 is fine just the fan on child 2. I am thinking that it is going to need to be replaced.

I do not understand the hub seeing the on command if it where to be a bad device?

Do you mean that you bypassed the wall switch?

All of your screenshots are confusing for an outsider and I cannot tell where it has turned on by itself vs someone turning it on intentionally. For example I see places where it was turned on via a dashboard. Please show both a text log and event log screenshot from the same exact instance of where it turned itself on. Provide the exact timestamp where it turned itself on.

Also, what driver are you using? Hubitat or a custom driver?

That is correct. These have been installed and running for months.

Zen 52 double relay driver

Up living fan is the issue.

Master light fan is the same without issues.

Device Events


Device Events


If I'm not mistake, those events from the device page show the dashboard being used to turn it on. So, if those are entries showing the problem, then the dashboard is the culprit...just not sure how.

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