Zooz Zen51 and Zen52 - double relay & dry contact

Found these while taking a break from work.
I will be interested to learn how the switch inputs work (i.e. does a change in switch state always toggle the output?).


Nice find! Interesting these don't have an antenna tail ala similar offerings from qubino etc.

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It also doesn't list Hubitat under the "Works With" paragraph.

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Yet the install instructions include a QR code for accessing advanced settings on Hubitat.
Ready - FIRE - Aim ... that is pretty much how I launch products, too.


Ha, yep, that's kinda how Zooz rolls... I've learned to meter my new-Zooz-thing expecations accordingly and be patient in those early stages.


This looks like it would be super easy to make a custom driver for if I had one, probably could even do it without having one. The ZEN51 would probably even work with just a generic Zwave switch driver. Its just an on/off switch from the looks of it. The ZEN52 might need a child device if they are using endpoints for the two relays.


Was just looking at the zen51/52. Wondering if this is Zooz equivalent of the Aeotec nano?

I was really looking to see if it could be used as a dimmer, but looks like these may be a little new to the community. I didn't see dimmer functions mentioned on the Zooz site. But good breakdown of advanced settings.


My experience with double relays has been less than ideal - I've tried Aeotec Nano and Fibaro and have found them to be slow for physical switching especially if one switch is "no-load". It would be nice to find some that work better (for me).. but am now using "normal" smart switches.

Would love to hear how they work out!!

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Parameters 20, 21 are interesting to me (external switch behavior). Admittedly I am not sure if I have an application, but it is good to know the flexibility.

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