Zooz Zen37 Wall Remote - Which Driver Should I Use?

I just purchased a couple Zooz Zen37 wall remotes. Inclusion ended up being a fairly frustrating process - SmartStart doesn't seem to work, and if you just do a generic Z-wave include, the device is added to Hubitat but no driver is set, and there isn't a specific driver in the list for the Zen37. I finally just did a manual include and then set the driver to the Zen32 Multibutton Scene Controller (I have a few of those), and was able to use the Zen37, setup the buttons for actions, etc, and it's working fine. However, it's obvious that this isn't the correct driver, as it thinks it has five buttons instead of four, and I'm unable to change basic configuration settings, like the LED color.

SmartStart - this is the first time I attempted to use it - confused me. If I open up one of my hubs through the app, I can't find a button/link anywhere to do a SmartStart device inclusion. But I found it on the Hubitat Admin page of the app, where you would otherwise connect to one of your hubs. But if you begin a SmartStart inclusion from there, how does it know to which hub I want the device included? I clicked the symbol to begin the SmartStart, it opened my camera and I scanned the QR code which seemed to register, and then it just came back to the starting point and nothing had happened - no inclusion, no message, nothing.

In any event, there doesn't seem to be a system driver for this device, while Zooz claims it's fully compatible/supported by Hubitat. Is anyone else using the Zen37 wall remote with a system driver (as opposed to a custom one)? If so, which?

I did find a post from @jtp10181 regarding his custom driver for this device, and may give that a try, but wanted to find out if I had missed a system driver somewhere.

My custom driver I think is the only one specifically for it. I work directly with Zooz to support new devices. Usually they have a help article that will tell you if you need a custom driver or if there is a system driver.

Here is the article I found How to Add Your ZEN37 Wall Remote to Hubitat - Zooz Support Center, they do say it can use a system driver. I would guess that the "Generic Z-Wave Plus Button Controller" would work if you want to give it a try. @agnes.zooz you might want to include the name of the system driver that works in your articles, HE driver matching does not always select the correct ones by default.

If you follow the links on there to the custom driver for advanced settings, you will find a link directly to my driver. Same as what is posted on this forum.

For Smart Start, yes you have to scan the code via the app. It knows which hub to use because the app is linked to a hub, when you log in you have to pick a hub and device to attach the app to. It can be viewed/changed from the settings in the app. The article linked above actually has Smart Start instructions as well. Once you learn how to use it, it is great. That is how I include all my devices now. Just Scan, power it up, and it includes itself!

This is the driver to use: [DRIVER] Zooz ZEN37 Wall Remote

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Thanks for the quick reply, @jtp10181 . I did install your driver and just re-configured the Zen37 to use it, and it's working great.

I did read the Zooz article on adding the Zen37 when I started. As already mentioned, I couldn't get SmartStart to work, so I tried the manual inclusion, which did sort of work, but as you've noted, those instructions do not specify which system driver to use, hence my post/request for help.

And thanks for the clarification on the app being associated with a specific hub by default. As it happens, my app was not associated with one of my two hubs, which probably explains why the SmartStart did nothing. Not sure how that happened, but I've remedied that and associated it with this hub/home I'm currently in. I have a second Zen37 that I plan to install tomorrow. I'll give SmartStart another try with that one. I'm curious to see which driver it selects.

Just be aware Smart Start will use security by default, if you want no security you have to scan it in with device powered off, then edit the entry to deselect the security options. THEN power the device up.

The Smart Start wont change the driver selection. Now that you have my driver installed, it might select it correctly. I have my drivers coded so that it should select them based off the model codes, but its been a bug for a while now that the drivers are not getting selected properly especially for Z-Wave devices with security enabled. Just change the driver after inclusion if needed and run a configure.

Unfortunately that can be very confusing for new users but once you know how it works it is only a minor inconvenience.

Thanks for the additional info. My interpretation, given all the gotchas (security by default, driver not selected) is that SmartStart really isn't all that smart, or easier :expressionless: I think I'll stick with manual inclusion.

This is the case for any type of inclusion and is not a problem of smart start, but how the hub matches up to drivers in general.

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