Zooz Zen34 and RM

I cant seem to get this device to work with RM. The problem I appear to be having is with the actions and capabilities.

Here is the simple trigger

Zooz Remote Switch Zen34 button 2 pushed
Zooz Remote Switch Zen34 button 2 doubleTapped

As I said above, its the actions/capability is confusing me. Which do I use? I tried using Custom Atrribute such as

IF (Zooz Remote Switch Zen34 pushed(2) = 1.0(F) [FALSE]) THEN :scissors:
Toggle: Bedroom COR

This doesnt work. No matter what I (Pushed, Double tapped) use, the first condition is always executed. I am looking for an example from someone using this device with RM

Is there a reason you want to use Rule Machine? I would suggest Button Controller. It has near-parity with the Rule Machine interface and feature set, but it makes "triggering" based on button events easier. It's not impossible to do those in a Rule, but it's difficult given that you have different events/attributes at play and you can't really check the value/state in the way that it looks like you might be trying to (though I'm not sure the copy/paste or screenshot came through quite right) -- as you've likely discovered.


Wow thanks. I had not heard of this. :smiley: Its exactly what I am looking for

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There's also Dimmer button controller app. I'm using that with a zen34 controlling a dimmer.

That's actually a custom app I wrote, not anything built in, but I did so because I found it easier to use/set up when the button device is controlling lights and becsuse I missed some features the Hue Dimmer offered on the Hue platform. You can find more here if you want:


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