Zooz Zen34 and association

I bought a Zen34 several months ago and finally got around to including it tonight. I've had really reliable success with using direct association in the past, so was hoping to use this remote to control an Aeotec Nano Dimmer inside the wall, which doesn't have a physical switch attached to it.

I included both devices without S2, and used the Zen34 Advanced driver (a godsend!) to successfully set the associated group, but no matter what I do, the switch won't control the dimmer. Has anyone else used the Zen34 with association successfully?

I have a few of these and a couple of them I have associated with GE/JASCO dimmers and switches. It works great.

Thanks for the reply, and giving me faith. I started looking for a list of the Aeotec Nano's association groups (they aren't published in the normal manual), and looks like they don't use the standard group conventions. They expect the Dimmer to do all controlling, and seem to disallow other devices from controlling it. A bit bizarre since it's primary function is to control a light load. In any case, guess I'm out of luck..

In case anyone comes across this sometime later when looking for Aeotec Nano Dimmer association data... their description of group 2 is a little confusing, but it functions like a combination of on/off and dimmer. I used the Zen34 Advanced driver and added the Nano Dimmer to group 2 only, and it now functions for both power and dimming.