Zooz ZEN30

I want to trigger an action off a double tap on the dimmer down paddle (button 2) of the ZEN30. It looks the double tap on either paddle button is not reported. I can pickup the single tap events but not the double taps.

Any thoughts on why this isn't working?

Did you enable scene control function?


Ah, let me check . . . . probably not!

I guess we are talking about parameter 28, yes it is enabled.

I also looked at parameter 30 that controls the "programming" of the paddles. I presume that means the programming of the multi - taps to the switch functions independent of the hub. I want to use the double tap on the dimmer down (button 2) which has no internal function assigned to it, so enabling/disabling the internal programming shouldn't make any difference.

In any event I still do not get an event whether parameter 30 is 0 or 1.

It works for me using @jtp10181 ’s Zooz ZEN30 Double Switch driver. It should be available in HPM.

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Yeah, Param 28 is the scene control for the dimmer (29 is scene control for relay button)

I'm using the Zooz ZEN30 Double Switch driver from jtp10181 for my zen30s.

here's the kind of thing I see:

1,2 and 4 are the button #s you use for triggering rules.

For that switch I have a Basic Rule "When Kitchen Light button 4 pushed, toggle Pantry Light" so down 2x toggles another switch.

I am using jtp10181's driver "## [1.6.4] - 2022-12-13 (@jtp10181)" and can see single presses on buttons 1 & 2 but not double taps.

dstutz: Do you see double tap events on the dimmer paddle, ie buttons 1 & 2?

Just turned on the scene control and then tested (I don't normally use scene control on any of my 3 ZEN30s)....yes:

Firrmware 2.11 if it matters...

Buttons 1 and 2 are single press....3 and 4 would be the double-taps BTW.

You wont get "DoubleTapped" events on that driver, since the device goes up to 5 I opted to just use different button numbers for each tap. If you turn on logging and do the taps you can see which button number they register as.


Many thanks, did not realize the multi - tap events were mapped to virtual button numbers. All working now.

I'm new to Hubitat and I'm attempting to use the relay button of the ZEN30 for just (relay is capped off) scene control (arm/disarm HSM), and when I use a DoubleTap I get two different events reported for the same action. I suppose this could be useful, but for the moment this my first attempt at scene control since X10, for which I never used multi taps.

Can someone point me to a table reference or something to visualize? To make things even more obscure, Zooz is referring to Scene numbers and Attribute numbers, and while I'm guessing the scene number is akin to the button number, I don't have a clue what they are referring to by attribute number.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I think you are using my driver? [DRIVER] Zooz ZEN Switches Advanced (and Dimmers)

There is a graphic at the bottom of my post that shows the tap mappings.
For a 2x tap you will also get a "doubeTapped" event along with the "button 2" pushed event. Use whichever one you prefer. I like using the doubeTapped event with the button controller app because it fits into the grid layout.


Thank you. I did eventually catch on. I put this on a light that is on my wife's way out the door as a way to do a temporary disarm when she leaves for work, or lets the dog out. I had otherwise just been disarming the system at 4:45 AM.