Zooz Zen27 Driver Question

After updating the FW on my Zooz Zen27 dimmer, I noticed the driver changed to "Zooz Central Scene Dimmer". Thank you Mike!!

When upgrading the FW I also noticed that the switch now supports scenes? How do I, or can I even enable these with the current driver? If I can't enable them with the current driver, is this something that will be enabled in the next rev?

Since I couldn't get this working, I found the ST driver and modified, pretty much like the rev 1 driver and swapped button with pushablebutton. Although that removed the remaining error and it appears the modified driver recognizes when I push buttons 1-10 (observed in the logs), I cannot get the button controller app to actually fire anything based on those pushes.

So at this point, Recognizing that I am not a programmer and in way over my head, I moved back to the local driver.

Do I need all 10 scenes? Nope! I am trying to toggle my KOF Fan with the bottom switch and its light with the upper. I have the Fan working (with the current local driver :slight_smile:), using a double tap on the bottom switch, So If I could just disable the top double tap (so it doesn't set the lights to 99%), I could use that to toggle the light.

As always, any help would be greatly appreciated!

How did you update the firmware on your zooz?

I reached out to the Smartest House and they were kind enough to send me the latest FW file. Along with the file they sent me the upgrade instructions. Basically you'll use a z wave stick and some free SW for your pc to update it. Soooo simple, a hardware guy could do it! :slight_smile:

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If you have the latest firmware version of the ZEN27 then you don't need to "enable" anything, it will automatically do that when the device is joined...

What firmware version do you see in the data section near the bottom of the device details screen?

Enable debug logging, click the configure button, wait for it to finish logging, and then tap one of the paddles and see if anything gets logged.

I can get the FW version later (at work now, I know it's 2.something) the problem I am having is that the driver isn't supporting buttons 3-10 yet(?) Or there is some pilot error on my part. Most likely the latter...

Edit.... Ohhh Configure button... I didn't do that. Let me try that tonight. I'll update. I am currently seeing things like button 1 pressed, button 2 pressed or button 1 or 2 double tapped. But nothing for buttons 3-10

As I thought, the current Zooz FW is version 2.2 as you'll see in the screen captures below. The first capture below shows the logs for the switch after I selected Configure in the device:

The next three show the current Device view. From what I can tell the State Variables remained the same. It also appears I do not have the ability to set Variables 13 & 14:

This one shows the logs for pressing 1, 2 and double tapping 1 & 2. Nothing else was logged when I tapped 3-5 times up and down,


This last one is the button controller only showing 2 available buttons:

Let me know if you need me to gather any other data.

Again. Thanks for the help/input

Hubitat only has button capabilities for pushed, held, released, and doubleTapped so the built-in driver doesn't support pushing the paddles more than twice.

That's the expected behavior because the device only has 2 buttons... The lower paddle is button #1 and the upper paddle is button #2.

Parameter #13 most likely isn't exposed to prevent users from accidentally disabling scene control.

Parameter #14 most likely isn't exposed because it's behavior is different with some of the firmware versions and I believe that setting doesn't actually do anything unless parameter #12 is set to a specific value.

I, too, am trying to figure out how to make use of the scene control capability of this dimmer. It's a really compelling feature.

The Zooz instructions say this:

You can trigger up to 10 scenes or control up to 10 independent Z-Wave devices in your network using this switch. Just enable the setting in Parameter 13 and make sure your hub supports scene control. You can assign scenes to 1-tap, 2-tap, 3-tap, 4-tap, and 5-tap for any of the paddles.

So, 10 scenes relate to 5 ways to fast-tap the upper or lower button. This capability appears to be gated by Parameter 13 which is binary: 0 – scene control disabled (default). 1 – scene control enabled.

HE does have scenes and that app does seem to recognize the Zooz as a button that could be used with a scene. I'd like to unlock the 10 scene offered.

Does HE expose Parameter 13 for toggling and if it can be toggled on, how would the subsequent triggers be referenced for use in Groups and Scenes App?

Hubitat only has button capabilities for pushed, held, released, and doubleTapped so the built-in driver doesn't support pushing the paddles more than twice.

For parameters that you don't have access to, through the driver, I used this handy tool created by @mike.maxwell

I believe the additional buttons would need to be enabled in the driver. I started modifying this driver prior to Hubitat updating it's current driver. I decided not to pursue the additional buttons. I decided this due to the fact that tapping the up and down paddles 3 times puts the switch in inclusion/exclusion mode.... reducing the WAF.

Since double tapping up and down was all I really needed, I stayed with the HE supplied Zooz driver and used the Basic Z-Wave tool to adjust the parameters to disable setting the light brightness when double-tapping the up paddle, This left double-tap up and down completely open for use. Currently, in my kitchen I am using the switch to control the kitchen lights. I then use the double tap up to toggle power to my HB KOF light. I use the double-tap down to toggle power the HB KOF fan.

OK, I understand the parameters I'm operating within now, thanks. This is the first time I've run up against a limitation of Hubitat, otherwise it's been a do-anything platform.

At the risk of straying off the initial subject, what is the correct type of device to give me Groups and Scenes triggers/buttons I can use with that app, if not the Zooz? My application is a switch at the bottom of a stairwell that will trigger a Hubitat Scene that sets a series of smart bulbs state on the upper floor.

I wouldn't agree with that statement... Again this has to do with the driver, not the hub. I was able to modify the second driver I listed for you to the point where the hub saw the buttons... But I wasn't smart/motivated enough (yet) to get the code to the point where it would do something with them. Again, pushing 3x up or down on the Zen27 puts the switch into Include/exclude modes. This was a non-starter for me as it usually lead to questions from my SO like "Why is this switch blinking at me?!?!?!"

I recently acquired an Inovelli dimmer. They make On/Offs as well. The driver they have written for their devices will give you up to 10+ buttons (scenes). More scenes than I'll ever use (again I only really needed double-tap up and down for my application), Plus Notifications, which is why I purchased these. Having doors and gates that occasionally get left open and dogs, where their favorite game is "chase me"... Getting a notification that one of these is open will save me from playing that game in wide-open spaces. :slight_smile: If you don't need/want a switch for your purpose, there are a lot of button controllers that will also do this as well.