Zooz Zen25 Dual Outlet problem. Please help if you have ideas

I was trying to consolidate a few power devices behind my TV. Simply put i have a Smartthings Outlet V2 that is bulky and doesn't fit well with a very short 3 plug powerstrip behind my TV. The Outlet is there to do power monitoring so I know when the TV comes on. I got a Zooz Zen25 to hopefully replace the Smarthings Gen2 outlet and hopefully expand my Z-Wave Mesh. Well it isn't working out well to put it simply.

First the Zen25 dual outlet seems to pair fine no issues with that and it fits well over the socket without creating any issues with fitting,

That is where the good ends though. I got it paired and started to move my automations over and quickly found out that after a short time it just quit reporting power. Then i couldn't control the outlets on it. After checking the Zwave tools page it wasn't showing that it was functional, i couldn't do a repair, and all i could do was remove it. If i unplugged the Zen25 from the wall and back in it would appear to come back to life for a short period of time, but then soon quit reporting and functioning.

I have tried excluding it and including it a few times and reset to factory a few times. and nothing seems to improve this. I kind of suspect that this is a reception issue but my zwave mesh already has several repeaters and other then the TV all have good line of site straight to the Zen25.

The icing on the cake for this is that when plugged into the TV it seems to also randomly power cycle the TV. I will be watching a show on the roku and the tv just shuts down and then turns back on a moment later. This will happen after any amount of time and even when it does appear to be connected to hubitat. This doesn't provide any logging as to why this is happening.

Has anyone else experience this same situation. My guess is it is some kind of EMI from my TV but i don't know of a great way to test it. I just don't get what would be cuasing the intermittent power to my TV when it is connected. As a final test i plugged it in my kitchen litterly right next to a repeater and that seems to have helped the device staying connected to my Mesh and reporting power consistently. This is a far cry from my intended use case though.

The Zen25 has issues. See below.

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Well to me this just says i need to return it.

I would look to other devices. I would look to Zigbee for this, but there are probably Zwave options as well.

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I have a zigbee option that works fine now. I was going to try the zooz mainly because it has more then one outlet and the USB port to power a roku on the TV. These issues though negate all of that benefit though.

After reading that thread I have already excluded it from my hub.

I love Zooz devices, but the double plug needs to be recalled. I can't even get it to work well enough to exclude it, and the two plugs aren't individually controllable as far as I can tell. Terrible piece of equipment.

It worked great for me in ST. I'm scared to include mine into HE, though.

Well if you don't need power monitoring you should be fine if you disble it per the directions.

There is also a possibility to use Node red with Samsung Automation Studio pallet to help automate it from Smartthings using the new Smartthings API.

I've shelved my Zen25 and ZSE40's that i picked up on Black Friday. Every time i tried adding them (i'm still on 2.2.4), it would hang my hub pretty quick. I know some have used various workarounds to some success, i'm a bit wary of the amount of effort/maintenance to 'maybe' get it to work.

I know Hubitat users are a bit more involved in their hobby, but that seems like more than i want to do for now.