Zooz Zen22 v2 Dimmer

Would anyone be able to port the ST DTH for this popular z-wave plus dimmer? It works fine using generic driver, but the ability to adjust the parameters would be greatly appreciated!

Zooz Zen 22 v2

Thanks in advance!

You can try to use it by replacing all instances of physicalgraph with hubitat in the code, and let us know how it goes.

i’ll try that when i get home, thanks

Changing that entry in every instance appears to make the driver work, but it doesn’t appear to allow parameter adjustments and it shows a lot of “null” responses in the log so I’m assuming more work would need to be done to fully port it?

You've probably moved on from this but I just ported the zooz driver you linked to in your original post. I was looking for a faster way to turn on the dimmer switch than the generic driver could handle.

I added a debug option so you could turn those null messages off to prevent hub spamming. Those messages don't seem to impact the functioning any but ymmv of course.

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You can also use @mike.maxwell Basic Z-Wave tool to adjust the parameters, then change the driver back to stock Generic Z-Wave Smart Dimmer.

Super basic Z-Wave parameter tool

That's cool thanks! Will play around with..

For this purpose I prefer having a specific driver. That way it stays with the device and easier to remember what I did..

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I just use the generic Zwave Dimmer driver for my Zooz Dimmers Switches.

I was using as well but wanted to take advantage of the "fast rampup" feature available in newer (purchased after 2/18) switches. Just means the light turns on a little faster that's all.

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