Zooz Zen17 relay

I bought one of these to replace my insteon one that would open my garage door at random. 6 weekes no issues but to control it from the alexa app I have to hit garage open to open then again garage open to stop, lastly garage open to close is there a better way to configure/program it to garage off closes and garage on opens. and what button what button if any would be stop half way? or 3/4. I love the fact I can let contractors in via phone.

If I'm not mistaken, all these relays do is short your connection just like a manual wired garage door button, so the all the open, close v.s. stop logic is actually in the Garage motor/circuitry itself.

Given that, what you can do is combine a tilt sensor on your garage door and your relay with a Garage Door app that should give you what you want, as it becomes aware of the 'states' of your door to reflect what the action is/will be.

I use this excellent custom app for this purpose with a Smartthings/Aeotec contact sensor that has a garage/tilt mode native to HE: [Release] Garage Door Opener App - LGK Virtual Garage Door - #119 by SoundersDude


There is also this app from Zooz which does about the same thing, combines the relay and sensor into a single virtual garage door device.


I use the zooz app with a Shelly 1 wifi relay and wired reed switch for contact for 2 doors, it has been 100% flawless for almost a year. Absolutely love it and with the contact sensor I know if it's open or closed ( actually I only know if it's closed, but anything else is open). Highly recommend.

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