Zooz Zen17 Child Buttons

Hi all!

I hate to bring up yet another Zooz Zen17 question, but I cannot find an answer to what I'm looking for. Basically, I want to be able to control the 2 relays via rule machine, but also use the inputs as buttons. However, if I select "Input Type Relay" to anything other than "Contact Sensor", the parent device will not create any child devices for the two inputs. I can't do much with a contact sensor in my needs, as I want to use it like a button (and utilize "Button Controllers" app). Does anyone have any suggestions? Am I using / configuring the driver / device (Zooz Zen17 Universal Relay) incorrectly? Is there a work around to turn a contact sensor input into a button device? Thanks all in advance!

It probably won't help, but have you tried excluding and reincluding after you made the change? The manual seems to say that's used for other device types, but not necessarily yours?
Do the changes actually make it, as in the parameters are changed?
Maybe use that basic z-wave tool to check.
Someone else had a similar question a while ago-I forget how it turned out.
Good luck.

This "companion driver" will help you to set things correctly. You switch to this companion, set the parameters, then back to the real driver.

[DRIVER] Zooz Relays Advanced (ZEN17 / ZEN51 / ZEN52)

Hey, thanks for the quick reply!

Unfortunately, I have tried everything on all the pages I can find on the Zen17, including using the Companion Driver, and exclusion/inclusion trick after making changes. Nothing seems to work.

I'm mostly curious if anyone else has changed from "contact sensor" type and still see child devices for the inputs. Maybe I have a bad Zen17.

We must have crossed paths while replying. Yes, I tried that also, unfortunately to no avail.

Just to clarify:

You want the two relays to operate say a garage door, AND to utilize the inputs for another purpose?

What exactly is hooked to each set of inputs and outputs? I think there is some limitation on how these are all used in combination with each other.

I'm using it as a controller for my above ground pool pump. I'm planning on using one relay for turning the pump on and off (via RM and dashboard, etc). The other relay won't be used for anything. For the first input, I want to use with a manual push button to toggle the pump on and off while I'm near the pool (button push), and press and hold it to turn on what I call "pump auto mode" (which enables a scheduled operation of the pump relay via RM). The pump has a flow sensor (dry contact) that I'd like to monitor to ensure there is flow, so the second input will be used to monitor this (this input as a contact sensor works perfectly for this). If no flow, RM will turn the pump relay off to protect the pump.

Hopefully that makes sense, and gives an idea of what I need the button for. Thanks!

Assuming that button mode can't be made to work , how about a wireless button?

I've been using a Zen34 wireless switch for a while now to turn off outside water to limit exposure due to plastic fittings breaking, etc, while still doing a daily drip irrigation of the hanging plants using dumb timers. It can do button hold, multiple pushes, etc. I have a rule that turns it on (and off) for 1/2 hour with one push, and keeps it on (and off) with three pushes.

I also use a Zen34 to turn off the water when I leave the house. They've both been reliable.

Using that you wouldn't have to run wire and could do it from the comfort of you kitchen, or whatever. They're not waterproof.

Not sure what parameters you tried to set, or what you set them to.

The garage door mode, (as far as I understand that) directly control the relay. You trigger the input, and the output does something. There is no separation between the two, and I don't think you will see a child device because of that. So I don't think this will work for you.

I think you want the following for number 1

  • Parameter 2, set to 0
  • Parameter 10 set to 0
  • Parameter 19 set to 0
  • Parameter 6 set to 0
  • Parameter 7 set to 0

And for number 2

  • Parameter 3 set to 10
  • Parameter 11 set to 0
  • Parameter 20 set to 0
  • Parameter 8 set to 0
  • Parameter 9 set to 0

I would strongly advise bench testing this before trying it on the pump.

That said, the part that I don't think will work no matter what you do is that you want both a press, and a hold action from that first pump input. I can't think of a way you are going to get a consistent or for that matter any distinction of a press vs hold. You might be able to double click, but even that probably won't work as desired. This isn't a button device meant for double click and holds, it is a sensor meant for on/off.

I think you are going to need a dedicated button device if you start adding press, hold, multi-taps to this.

Thanks neonturbo! I appreciate your time!