Zooz ZAC36 Ball Valve Controller

I am not sure if this is a support or community question.

I just received a Zooz ZAC36 Ball Valve Controller. Using the open and close command at the device level work as expected.
However, when using rules, the valve will close the valve but will not open the valve.

The rule actions are:

Close: valve pond
Delay 00:01:00
Open: valve pond
Delay 00:01:00
Close: valve pond
Delay 00:01:00
Open: valve pond

Can you post the rule itself? I assume from the device page open and close work correctly yes?

Yes from the device open and close work properly.

So you're trying to open and close it 3 times on a 1 min delay?

Perhaps something like this? It looks like you're trying to somehow limit water flow time into the pond?

Correct. Just as a test. If I start with the valve in the open state, it will close the valve. If I start with the valve in a closed state, nothing happens.

Eventually,I have a Fibaro connected to a Garden Pond Liquid Water Level Sensor that will send an open or close to the valve depending on the water level.

The Fibaro was sending the close command and the valve closed. When it sent the open command the valve did not open. This is when I created the test rule I shared.

What driver are you using? Try this one see if it makes a difference: [DRIVER] Zooz ZAC36 Titan Water Valve Actuator

Also have you tried setting the delay for longer, or does it not matter how long of a delay?

Also, not sure if this is coming into play at all?

Thanks. I have downloaded this driver. I do not know how to force the device to use this driver or even tell what driver the device is using.

Also the length of the delay does not impact the results.

On the device page, under the device info section it is the "Type" dropdown. Scroll way to the bottom for the user section. If you have the driver code installed on the hub it should show up there.

You can also search in that dropdown for ZAC36 and the top entry will be the stock driver, the bottom is the custom. I named mine slightly different than the stock driver also.

Then in the devices list you can also see if devices have a custom "User" driver or a system driver.

You might want to also PAUSE your other rules while you use the test rule, to eliminate any possible conflicts

Thanks. I have your driver loaded. I have an on/off as well as open/closed options. All of these work at the device level. My rule still only closes the valve.

What hub and firmware do you have? I can try to replicate it since I have the same valve actuator.

Ok I have learned something new. I broke the rule into two rules. One to open the valve and one to close the valve.

Both rules do the same thing. If the valve starts in the closed position, they open the valve. If the valve starts in the closed position they do nothing.

Sorry when I get some time I will try replicating this. In the meantime, I would try turning on debug logging on the driver and turn on all the logging in the rules. Then watch the logs. Might give more clue.

Also, are you saying that if the valve starts closed the rule to close the valve actually opens it?

I would use a predicate condition instead of changed...See my example above

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Attached is a log. The last entry which is a close command from a rule a

ctually opened the valve

app:4172021-11-20 12:27:39.689 pm infoAction: Close: Valve Pond