[BETA] Zooz ZAC36 Titan Water Valve Actuator (Driver)

Alright, I will fancy up this post another day.

NOTES About what we have thus far going on with the driver:
  • All parameters that Zooz listed out for me are supported. There are some really advanced parameters mostly relating to associations that I don't have in here (yet?)
  • Primarily testing using F, should in theory work in C but I did not heavily test. If you do change the units setting, the defaults are still all listed in F and the numbers will not convert for you, you will have to go through and adjust all the parameters to new values. Might be something I address later.
  • There is a parameter to adjust the reporting temp but I am not setting that at this time, but the driver should convert the report to whatever your hub default temp unit is (regardless of your setting for units on the driver itself).
  • Have not tested all the parameters, not sure if they all do exactly what the docs say they do...
  • By default the device reports ON (actuator enabled/ON) = Valve Closed, and OFF = Open. The 'valve' should always report open/closed correctly. The 'switch' attrib will be as I just described by default but there is a parameter to reverse it if you want. ***Currently the On/Off buttons map directly to the open/close commands, I need to fix this so they reverse accordingly to the parameter.
  • There are all sorts of fancy associations stuff you can do with the alarms, etc, not supported in the driver yet.

  • Tap button once to turn OFF the valve
  • Hold button for 5 beeps, then let go
  • Immediately do 5 separate taps (5 more beeps)
  • Device should enter calibration mode

I think I am going to just keep all Zooz drivers in this zooz folder where the switches are and just have a separate package for each set. Have not fully decided yet, takes some planning ahead. Once I figure that out I will add this one to HPM.

NOT RECOMENDED to enable the supervision encapsulation. I have not added code to handle the "Working" status that comes back while it is working on moving the valve, so it will report a failure every time.

Direct Copy/Paste/Import Link: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/jtp10181/Hubitat/main/Drivers/zooz/zooz-zac36-valve-actuator.groovy

Full Repo:


So going to drop this here in another post. What do you all think about the reversed on/off reporting? Should I keep it how I have it, or just force it to always report on=open and off=closed? Could also just default the parameter to the normal setting instead of reversed which might be less confusing at first installation.

My thinking with the way it is now, is the 'switch' value always matches what the valve is sending the hub, and also any potential associations. The 'valve' open/close will always be correct.


I will give this a try. Thank you for this!!

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Happy to report that your driver is working as expected. Switch is "off" while valve is on the "open" position. It fixed whatever issue I had yesterday. Is it possible to add a trigger to re-calibrate? Awesome work!

I was planning to ask that question to Zooz, I have not figured out how to do that yet either. It just gives me red angry flashes if I try to do again by holding the button for 2 beeps.

UPDATE: @carlkengseng I just added the recalibration instructions to my top post. Tested it myself, it is easier than it sounds (as long as you can count to 5 :wink: )


Thank you!! This will save me a lot time not to factory reset and pair again. They should add this to their troubleshooting section.

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