Zooz Z-Wave 800 Series: Switches and Dimmers Available

Stumbled across this when I was ordering some products. Looks like Zooz has Z-Wave 800 series switches available:


Ooo, a sneaky update. Apparently, re-using the same model numbers for new hardware versions is confusing for them, too. :slight_smile:

Apparently that just happened this month (5/23, according to their changelog) with the "V4.0" hardware.


700-series chips are in short supply. But apparently not 700-series packaging :laughing:


Thanks for the heads up, they are sneaky with these things. Oh joy a new hardware version for me to keep track of. They now have 4 different firmware tracks to keep track of in my driver for just this one model (plus 5 other models). Luckily the way I built my dynamic parameter system it is working pretty well with the way they are handling the hardware changes.

I see they added a new parameter as well... just to remove the blinking when you change settings. Will be added to my drivers on the next update.


I'm a fan of Zooz products, but their naming convention (and others do the same thing, I'm looking at you TP-Link) is really frustrating. Mixing model numbers, hardware versions (V1.0, V2.0) and now chipset series (that map to hardware versions?) is impossible. Then figuring out which firmware versions go with which hardware revisions... I understand why they don't want to change model numbers for revisions as its expensive (packaging changes, marketing changes, etc) but geesh - there's gotta be a better way.


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