Zooz Valve ZAC36 Not Showing Correctly in Home Assistant

Having a odd issue. Recently installed a ZAC36 Zooz water valve, and the device functions correctly but when brought into Home Assistant I'm not getting the right controls. When using built in driver I get no controls at all, switching to the Zooz advanced driver, I get a Switch control and a Valve Sensor, however the switch control defaults to off when the valve is actually open. Any ideas?

Is it on the latest Zooz firmware? By built-in driver, do you mean the stock "Zooz ZAC36 Ball valve Controller" driver?

I installed a second Titan a couple months ago, and then moved both of mine to S2 security last weekend, so I've been through a number of exclude/includes with them lately -- they've all gone smoothly using the stock driver, so after ensuring it has the latest Zooz firmware, maybe try a do-over installation with the stock driver?

Don't I have a setting in my driver to flip the on/off state? (This is probably the driver you got as the "advanced" driver from Zooz).

yes built in stock driver. It's on version 1.13 will do an update later when home. Are you pulling into Home Assistant?

Did stumble on your driver but it seemed to align with the Zooz provided one... is that accurate? And I do see an inverse switch report setting, currently set to Enabled which is default. Will try when home. Don't need any angry phone calls that the water shuts down

Yes, Zooz often links to my drivers as their "advanced" driver which is fine by me. Here is my post for it: [BETA] Zooz ZAC36 Titan Water Valve Actuator (Driver)

And Yes, the "Inverse Switch Report" option may do what you are looking for. It almost sounds like HA is not properly supporting the "Valve" capability, which has an open/close status. So you are using the switch state instead. The on/off status by default is when the Actuator is OFF the value is open. Since it is a water shut-off actuator this logically makes sense, that when you Activate (turn on) the motor it closes the water valve. Long story short, if you change that one setting it will flip it so that ON = Open.

When I have some time I'll have to look at how HA integrates, because my Dome valve appears to be similar, a switch and a valve status on the hubitat side.

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