Zooz Smart Bulb Mode Switch Help

Newbie here and need help before my husband tells me to return it all :crazy_face:

I have installed a mix of Zooz Zen71 & Zen32 with the Juno Connect Wafer lights.

I have been successful in getting all the devices loaded onto the hub and working about 90%, a few of the bulbs need to be re-configured as they are dropping off it seems when the physical switch is toggled and I think they are resetting.

I am trying to start with the simplest of my light groups which is my dining room, 2 wafer lights and 1 Zen71. With the switch in physical mode it turns the lights on and off, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the toggle up to turn the lights on and toggle down to turn the lights off when in smart bulb mode.

I must be missing a step somewhere in the setup.

Could someone point me to a tutorial or advise the steps to take please?

Thanks in advance!!

Do you have your JunoConnect Wafer Lights directly paired to Hubitat? This is a pre-requisite for using Smart Bulb Mode.

If you have paired the wafer lights to Hubitat already, then @bertabcd1234 has a detailed post on how to proceed, which I have linked below:

I do have them directly paired to Hubitat through the manual zigbee add function. I will check that link out. Thank you!

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As long as you can control the wafer lights from their Hubitat device page, I think that @bertabcd1234's instructions will see you through.

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I highly recommend using these drivers for Zooz products instead of the built in drivers.

Also available via HPM.

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