Zooz s2 stick 700

Currently trying to get this stick to connect to my hub how do I go about doing this. Already tried z wave inclusion

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I'm assuming that you are using this Zstick in conjunction with the program PC Controller to eliminate some ghost nodes.
If that is the case, then, in the PC Controller program, once that Zstick is recognized, you push on the button for Network Wide Inclusion. At the same time, in the Hubitat, you go to add zwave devices, add the zwave inclusion.
You have to be relatively close to the Hubitat, but it should include without issues.
I was recently able to pair the Zstick (500 series) without any issues.

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See the first section of the Ghost removal guide in the topic below - the PDF has the correct steps for joining the USB stick.

There was another post about problems joining UZB sticks to HE recently...as far as I can tell they don't appear to have resolved the problems:

Hopefully you won't run into similar problems. I was able to join my UZB stick to my hub w/out issues using the steps in the PDF. I have a Silicon Labs 7-series stick that is updated to the current Z-Wave firmware.


Thank you I'll get to working on that here in a bit!

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