Zooz Response to Spammy Device

I've been exchanging email messages with Zooz tech support for a week now regarding the Zen34 button switch and its flooding of battery messages. In case you have the same issue, here is what I discovered.

When the wakeup interval is reached (preset to 43200 secs or 12 hours) the Zen34 is supposed to send a battery level message then go back to sleep. What happens is it gets caught in some internal loop that sends the same battery level message every 6-8 seconds for at least a half-hour. The Hubitat reports a "spammy device" as well as sending a warning about excessive device traffic. If you push any button while the flooding is happening, the flooding stops.

I have two of these devices and they both do it. One unit I upgraded to Firmware 1.3, the other came with v1.3.

I have sent Zooz all this info plus screenshots relevant to the problem over the course of 11 ticket updates. Their final response was to send in the unit for warranty repair. I indicated I have two of these, and do they really think that both devices are faulty?

The bottom line is I have lost faith in the once super customer service that Zooz used to provide. If you have a Zen34 turn on text logging and look in the log the next day, If you see the same, please open a ticket with Zooz to reinforce the need to fix this firmware bug.

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Sounds similar to the issue with the ZSE44 when it first came out. A firmware update fixed that.

I wonder if they just need to apply the same fix.

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Yea you would think they can look at the same firmware issue on another product and apply the fix with not much work.

The ironic thing is that I don't even use the battery info.

Maybe @agnes.zooz can help light a fire under someone

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We haven't been able to replicate the issue and verified that it was addressed for most users with the 1.30 update which is why we suggested to service the unit. Just to clarify, it wasn't our final response as we always try as hard as we can to come up with a solution that's satisfactory to our customers. We're currently working with our engineers to see if we can limit the reports regardless of the commands received from the hub to help minimize the problem, as we communicated in our subsequent email exchange. If anyone is having any issues at all with our products, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team and we'll do our best to help :smiling_face:


Mine (on firmware 1.3) still do this, but so infrequently that it might take a month to notice this happening. They also almost always stop spamming battery reports without user intervention.

Same with mine (1.3). On some Wakeups, I'll get 2 -4 battery messages which is fine. But after a few days it's back again with maybe 100 or so messages.

They can of course (edit: look at how they did it on a different device).

But I will say programming for a 500 series device is quite a bit different than programming for a 700 series device.

Can't exactly just copy paste the code between them.


Just an update on this case for everyone experiencing similar issues. @JoeJ received a new update file from our team but even before that, the issue stopped after the hub was moved to a more central location which probably fixed some of the communication issues in the Z-Wave network.


I’d like to try the new firmware. I apparently jinxed myself, since I have been noticing more sustained runs (several hours long) of battery reporting every 6 seconds on both of my Zen34s. It seems to only happen if they report that the route is via a repeater, not direct connection to the hub (C-5).

This is definitely the problem. When my Zen34 began going Direct instead of through 1 or 2 hops, the issue went away. I would still get an occasional "double battery message", which the 1.4 firmware seems to fix that.

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So is this simply a issue with the zen34 switch not getting a confirmation message from the hub?

Keeping everything with direct access to the hub may not be practical in allot of cases and well this is a mesh network.

I have a Zen34 that spams battery reports. It's on firmware 1.3 but does not have a direct connection to the hub. Speed is 100kbps and RTT Avg is 55ms. I have another Zen34 that is directly connected but is on firmware 1.01 and also spams battery reports.

Update to 1.3 for now- it will fix the battery reports when connected direct to the hub.

Firmware 1.4 is avaliable if you send a request to Zooz.

I upgraded all 4 of my Zen34's last week. I couldn't get any of them to do it from where they were mounted. I had to bring them right next to my Dev include them on it abd the upgrade went smooth as butter. Now I haven't seen any battery reports.

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