Zooz Motion Sensor ZSE40 700: Add new device

I have a new motion sensor, Zooz ZSE40 700 to add to HE7.

The instructions on the Zooz pamphlet are complicated to follow.
If I include the device straight from Hubitat, wouldn't that be sufficient? The device requires a driver update which is quite lengthy to copy from the browser and then paste to the New Drivers section in HE7. Should the driver update be done prior to inclusion or after?

Any suggestions or caveats?

There's a bult in driver for this device "Zooz 4-in-1 new", just use add device/Z-Wave/start inclusion and use a paperclip to press the hidden button on the bottom (small single hole). You will get a prompt about security, choose *without security " and you'll be all set.

There's also an excellent community driver available that eases some advanced configuration, but unless you need to change settings not exposed by the built in driver there's no reason to use that.

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Highly suggest using @jtp10181's driver. He's the maker of much more full featured drivers than stock for Zooz devices.