ZooZ Motion Sensor Association

Has anyone been able to associate a ZooZ ZSE18 motion sensor to a switch (through z-wave association). My switch is an Inovelli switch and they have an App that takes care of z-wave associations, but it is limited to Inovelli devices. I cannot even locate a ZSE18 driver for Hubitat. There is one for Smartthings. Did anyone ever see a ZSE18 driver for Hubitat? Or even better, can you point me to a tutorial on how to handle associations? The Zooz ZSE18 documentation is not helping much, Thanks!

My Zooz ZSE motion detector didn’t need any additional drivers and it’s listed as a Zooz Motion Sensor ZSE 18. There are two different ways to set it up depending on if you use a battery or wired. I don’t remember exactly the procedure but mine is wired and I believe that to set it as wired you need to hold the reset button for 5 seconds or so when discovering it. Then It will act a z wave repeater. I’m not sure want you mean by association to a switch, but I would use the motion lighting app.

Thank you at @nibyak. My Hubitat is recognizing the Zooz. I was trying to set up a direct association to the switch using Group 2. I read that it makes the response time faster and the automation works even if the network is down.

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No experience with Zoos stuff, but depending on the documentation they provide you might be able to get what you need done by swapping the driver to Super basic Z-Wave parameter tool for a bit and setting the parameters manually.