Zooz double plug with C-7 Hub

I'm trying to pair my new double plug with the C-7 Hub. When I try to discover it, this pops up.
Screenshot 2020-07-31 18.43.35
After I click ok, this pops up
Screenshot 2020-07-31 18.44.02
What code? There doesn't appear to be a field to fill in a code?
Which setting should I use to properly install this plug?

There have been a few devices giving troubles pairing with the C7. Check out these other threads, and see if any of that information helps. I think the same basic "fix" works for this same error no matter the device brand. There may be a fix coming soon, but hard to say when. So up to you whether to try these fixes below, or wait for an update. It sounds like the first few pairings are worse, and it gets better as you go, and it is only certain Zwave devices, so personally I probably would just work through it as long as I only had a few of these devices.

When doing S2 Unauthenticated the whole code is already there/showing. If you were to do one of the other S2 pairings, the 1st 5 characters would be blank and you would have to type them in.

I do agree it is a bit confusing as-is.

It would be nice if on S2 Unauthenticated pairing it said something more like "Verify the code shown below matches the security code for your device and click OK to continue pairing, or CANCEL to abort.".

I'm not sure to what level / if the certification mandates the dialog box text or not though (aka it might not be up to Hubitat).

So I found in another thread to just deselect the security settings. Once I did this, the plug was discovered as a zooz power strip not the double plug. Under device settings I changed the device to the double plug and created the usb child device. The result being a parent zooz plug with 5 power strip child devices and the 3 correct child devices of the double plug. Anyway to get rid of the 5 unusable child devices?

had a similar issue, try the driver by krlaframboise, load new driver, exclude plug twice, then include
I tried to post it but it got fouled up
ok found it, 3rd edit

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