Zooz dimmer levels?

is there a way to make the dimmer come on at different levels based on time? I want to be able to hit the switch and have it come on at a certain level based on time of day/night???


Use Room Lighting. Add your switch. Use the settings per time period option to setup your schedule. Add the dimmer as a "means to activate".

i have tried it in button control, light app and rule machine no matter what hitting the switch sets it to the last on level not the level in the rule...so if it was 100 % last time it turned off then its gonna be come on to that level no matter what my rule says....wonder if it just the way the device works??

Which Zoooz switch and what driver are you using.

Are you using the switch press to activate the lights? Are they smart bulbs or dumb bulbs?

Is the switch set to allow both Zwave and paddle control, or jus lt zwave?

I use room lighting and the trick is to set the default level on the switch settings to your lowest preference. Then when you turn on the light it will go to your default, and room lighting will send a command to set the level higher based on your mode/time. There is a slight delay sometimes but it is pretty smooth, like a fade in.

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Mine come on to the last setting

Use this driver to expose all the settings so you can set the default level.

This for example is for a ZEN77:

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Ok i found the setting so that part is good.. Basically what I wanna do is have switch set dimmer level to 10 % in during certain times and 50% other times.. I got the first par to work by setting the default like suggested now how do i get the other part to happen..

this is what i am wanting
9pm to 4am 10%
rest of time 50%



the more I play with this, it seems to me that HE is not able to override the default parameters for button presses..

Basically, you need a rule for the "rest of the time" that when the switch turns on it sets the level to 50%. This will cover the physical button press on the switch. What you will see is the light will come on at 10% and then within 1 second (typically) it will ramp up to 50%. There is a slight delay but to me its not a huge deal.

The only other way to do this is to use the "Set Parameter" command button on my driver to change the custom brightness setting on the device. You would have to do that with Rule Machine on a schedule, and using the custom command option.

If you need an example I could probably make one up later today.

I set that rule up in button control, room lighting and basic rule and all are no go's...No matter what I do when I hit the switch it comes on to 10 % default like HE can't override the default.. Hope i am making sense



Post a screenshot of one of your rules.

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So it sounds like you have the starting value set. Can you show us the rule that is suppose to do the fade up?

think I figured it out.. I was using "when button is pressed" instead or "when a light turns on" as a trigger...

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Switches don't generally trigger a button press event unless they are set to "Scene controller mode"

That’s what I’m leaning… figured since they show up as a option in RM I could use them my bad

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