Zooz 77 dimmer HK

If I set the dimmer via HK with a Scene or Siri it basically get stuck on that level tell I turn it off and back on in HK but still work fine via Hubitat dashboard.

Not sure if it HK or some else


Possibly this same issue as here?

So I loaded on the Zooz advanced driver and all is well now

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I am surprised my driver fixed your issue. The other user was having issues with my driver as well.

Update I installed another one of these dimmers in the bedroom...By default it paired with the advance dimmer driver.. Then to my surprise it started acting the same way as my other switch...Here is how i accidently fixed it... I switch back to the normal driver and changed the ramp up to 0 and then switched to your advanced driver and ramp up to full on to : instant on/off and and ramp rate to full : instant off.. Now everybody is happy..