Zooz 4 in 1 Sensor Shows up; But Not Working

Homekit shows the Zooz motion sensor as an accessory but does not show up in an automation as a choice. Help please!

It should be under sensors for the room it's assigned to. How is it being exported?

Very weird. It comes through to Homekit via a Homebridge app installed in Hubitat. So the device shows up in Homekit with a label "not supported." When I try to create an automation, such as a sensor, it does not show up in the choices.

YET: in the Homebridge Accessories window, it does NOT show up...yet it is forwarded to Homekit. Perhaps THAT is the problem. Wish Hubitat could export it directly to Homekit...but it does not appear as a checkbox to do so.

Running Hubitat Hardware C-5. I have a C-7 but fearful of installing that as another hub. Making it works on c-7??

So much...Thanks for your reply.

@jtp10181 could this be tweaked in your driver?

Are you trying to export it via homebridge or the Hubitat HK integration? It looks to be working fine via both paths using my user driver: [DRIVER] Zooz Sensors Advanced (ZSE40 / ZSE44)

I cannot check the automation on the Hubitat HK because I do not have a home hub setup on that "Home", but the sensors appear exactly the same as the Homebridge integration, and I have some alert automations already setup there.

Have no idea...sorry.

Beware of these sensors and c7 hubs. Very fiddly

Thanks for the heads up. Perhaps that's it.

Did you see my questions and info above? They are working fine for me. Need more info from you.

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