Zooz 4-in-1 sensor issues?

I just paired my new Zooz 4-in-1 (ZSE 40, ver 2.0, firmware 24.16) yesterday. This morning I checked the lumance reading (the reason for getting this) and it kept reporting 1 even after I turned all the lights on. I waited at least 1/2 hour but it never changed even when hitting the refresh button in the device page.

I checked the old logs and found this line:

"dev:233 2019-12-30 08:53:56.710 am warn Temperature, Light, Humidity, and Battery will be requested the next time the device wakes up."

So I woke it up (one click on the device with a paperclip) and sure enough it reported a new light value. Then posted the same message again in the logs. I don't want to wait 12 hours each time for updated values, I must be missing something. Can someone 'illuminate' me? :slight_smile:

I could be wrong, but I thought that device only reported illuminance when:

  1. It wakes up on the schedule (12 hours)
  2. Detects motion (thus waking it up)

I could be wrong, though. I'm not a Zooz expert. I have a ZSE40 somewhere (at least I think it is a ZSE40, maybe it is an older model?), but I hated it - so its in a drawer. It will go in the trash during spring cleaning. To be fair whatever mode I have is 2-3 years old, so could be an older model and/or firmware. Maybe they are better now?


I hope that isn't true. I was planning on trying to use the illuminance reading for lighting automations throughout the house. I'm not sure how well using a single sensor would work for this, but if it doesn't report the values when the illumination changes it would be worthless for this.

I don't know if things changed but I have the V1 and the light change trigger on mine set to 5%. Mine is reporting on changes of 1 lux whenever the change occurs.

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I changed the trigger from 10% to 5% only a short while ago. I've been 'playing' with it for a little while (putting it under a pillow, covering what I hope is the light sensor with tape) but still don't see anything consistent on when or if it reports a illuminance value.

Did you do the paper clip thing to force it to wake up and take your changes?

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Yes, a few times. Even that didn't seem to give consistent results. Problem is it's hard to figure out what's triggering what because I can't control motion detection while I'm also trying other things, like waking it or changing it's light environment. I think I'm going to see if I can effectively cover the motion sensor part and see what happens.

I had the same issue, so I stopped using the zooz... Love the functionality, hated how the ate batteries... It took 3-4 times for the paper clip to take. I think you can see in the device page if it has taken.

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I just figured out that the message (in the logs);

"Temperature, Light, Humidity, and Battery will be requested the next time the device wakes up."

is in response to clicking on 'Refresh' in the device page.

How old was yours? I heard that they worked on battery life for ver 2.0. Or at least changed from AAA's to CR123A, which maybe just has more capacity.

So far 2 of 3 respondents to this have stopped using theirs :frowning:

I had the cr123 batteries, but the update cycle I needed killed it.
I went to Iris gen2 for motion and temperature, Iris gen3 for humidity, and miss the illuminesce reading.

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As you can see below in an edited excerpt of my logs below that it did report a lux value a few minutes after the last 'motion is active'. I did hit 'Refresh' in between, but based on the message I posted above I don't think that wouldn't have done anything.

  • I just got another Lux update at 11:47, with no other log entries in between. It changed from 17 to 16. So I don't really understand this, but apparently (in ver 2.0 anyway) it will report changes without motion. Maybe it does some sort of 'motion averaging' over time. If it's seen a lot of motion recently it update other things more frequently. If it's been quiet for awhile it reports changes less often. Just a guess on my part, but for now this seems to be working OK for me. Thanks everyone.

11:34:02.621 am Kitchen Motion Sensor: illuminance is 17lux
11:31:26.772 am Kitchen Motion Sensor: motion is inactive
11:31:14.753 am Kitchen Motion Sensor: motion is active

I changed a couple of things that may cause shorter battery life for me too, but it's way to early to tell (I've only had it for a day). I do see a pretty bright blue flash occasionally, I think that's due to a change I made, I may just turn that off. :slight_smile:

That's 3 of 4 now if we're talking about the v1. :slight_smile: That was mostly because I didn't like how slow they were to report motion, even at the most sensitive setting. The fact that I accidentally broke it during a move contributed to why I actually stopped, but I was not sad about that at all.

The v2 is better in any regard in which it is different, including battery life and motion detection, and I voluntarily started using a couple more after that (still not as my primary motion sensor in a room--more of a "keep lights on" sensor than a "turn lights on" sensor), partly because they're frequently on sale for good prices. However, I'm not sure they're good lux sensors. I have one in an inside window pointing outside set to maximum lux sensitivity (5%, the lowest threshold it allows) and wasn't happy with the range of values it reported or the frequency of updating. It doesn't report much motion (facing glass, it doesn't catch much) but does tend to report temperature, humidity, and lux all at the same time for me. I wonder if it reports all whenever it reports any, so your luck with frequency of updates might depend on your configuration for all parameters as well as the environment in which the sensor is placed (but that's just me guessing based on what I see).

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I have a couple of Lux values in the log that are not with other readings, but are always within 4 to 5 minutes of something else. The 'Past Logs' doesn't go back that far so I just have those 2 examples.

BTW, the pamphlet that comes with the unit suggests that temperature should be changeable from Celsius to Fahrenheit on parameter 1, but I don't have that in the devices page. Does anyone have this setting available? I'm assuming that I could create an automation that uses temperature as a trigger (I admit I haven't looked yet), will Hubitat convert it?

HE usually sets that for you based on the location settings page. It has a selector for Fahrenheit or Celcius.

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It's set to Fahrenheit, I was just looking in the wrong place. Thanks!

Count me as another user who changed from this to another sensor. For humidity, it was extremely slow to respond. It was the slowest in my tests of any sensor. I think part of that is because of it being Zwave, but I don't think that was all of it.

Same with Lux, and in fact I don't know if I ever got Lux readings that I could trust. I don't consider an update every few hours usable. If I put it in bright light, I was expecting it to give an updated reading. Maybe my expectations were wrong here? I brought these slow/no Lux readings up when I first migrated to Hubitat, and someone (Mike?) said this was just how they work.

It is OK for motion, but noticeably slower than the Iris V3. It works fine for a couple areas of the house, where I don't need a super fast motion event.

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I have 2 of the monoprice versions. they are slow and never finish syncing. They are the first devices that made me hate z-wave.
Get the hue motion sensors(expensive but use cheap aaa batteries) if you want regular reliable lux reporting, with changes as low as 1 lux. The xiaomi motion is faster to report lux changes but many challenges with keeping them connected.
The hue motion sensors are so rock solid

The Dome Motion sensor (DMMS1) is my favorite Z-Wave lux-sensing motion sensor, in case anyone is wondering. :slight_smile: (The v1 Zooz 4-in-1 is what began my hate for most Z-Wave motion sensors. The Monoprice 15271 cemented it in. The v2 Zooz and Dome are the closest anyone has ever come to restoring my trust.) It reports changes pretty fast and has a wide range of values that it reports over. I haven't done this yet, but looking at its lux history, it should be usable to tell me not only whether its day or night outside but also how cloudy it might be and if I should consider enabling more of my indoor lighting automations. (This sensor is actually outside, covered under an unenclosed porch, but my indoor one does pretty good too.)

Unfortunately, it's out of stock most places that I can see now. I hope they didn't discontinue it Maybe they are working on a new version. There are a few lookalikes, but I've never used them and can't speak to their firmware (or hardware).

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