Zooz 3 Way zen76 vs Wemo 3way help

Have contacted support and everyone here raves about their support but it’s been super slow. They even say they will call and have asked multiple times for them to call to no help. Hoping someone here can assist as I have had this switch just hanging here for about 2 days now.

In the photo of the Wemo (which works) Traveler 1 and 2 plus the white neutral are coming from the Romex going to the old school switch.

On the old school switch I labeled common and the red cable which are the ones that go upstream to the Wemo along with a common which I see in the old school switch box which also goes upstream.

Based on documentation on the Zooz 76 switch which I have, my setup looks to be the same as “Option 2”

That is exact how I wired it the very first time, and all that would happen is that the light would keep clicking on then off over and over again with the physical light flickering. If I clicked off the old school switch then light turns off completely.

I’m at a loss. I plug Wemo back in and all is back to normal.

So I assume the hot feed is in the wemo box but where is the leg for the light? The wemo is marked line\load which is odd, what is connected to it? The hot feed or the load?

BTW I have wired up a dozen or so of the ZEN in 3 way in my house.

So I have a multimeter and was looking but not sure what exactly to look for.

Idk if something in this house is wired weird but if I leave the neutral disconnected from Zooz and everything else on the Zooz switch connected then the manual switch works fine. The second I connect the neutral, it just keeps flipping power on then off again.

I have a feeling the neutral I am seeing is instead somehow being used as traveler and IDK how the Wemo is working cause I have never seen 2 travelers listed on a switch that’s only 3 way.

Also I have attempted to install it in reverse boxes and same exact issue.

Also I installed 11 other switches and have had no issues granted this is the only 3 way in the house and all my 4 ways are using hues with remotes on top of the dumb switch so it’s a non issue

I start with just looking at the wires. In my house all the hot feeds come from below, and all the legs for the lights go up. Also I see it is a double gang box, the wiring on the other switch might help figure out the hot feed? Look at the neutral also, the feed should have a neutral and hot. There are a lot of ways to go about it but you have to identify the feed and the light wires or you are just guessing and likely to fry the switch,

So the other switch is a differ Circuit completely based on the breaker which is annoying. I’m going to disconnect everything on both ends and use my multimeter to send voltage to the bulb just to verify what’s going where.

I have an extra switch I planned on keeping as a spare but until I figure this out I’m afraid to use it.

I’m close enough to the point where I just need it to function as a traditional switch because at the bottom of the stairs when you turn off my hues it kicks on all the hallway lights anyways.

Assuming the Wemo is functional then:

Wemo Traveler1 = ZEN Load
Wemo Traveler2 = ZEN Traveler

Although its not clear why the current 3-way switch if wired the way it is. I don't see a need for going into this if the goal is to simply replace the Wemo with the ZEN.

You will also have to modify any ZEN settings for 3-Way operation.


They cant be I dont think? A 3way is only powered from the main switch, unless the neutrals are crossed between breakers somewhere then sometimes you have to kill two breakers to fully shut it off where a voltage detector wont beep.

So right switch light stays on when I kill living room breaker which kills the stair case light but not the light at top of landing which is controlled by right switch. My master bedroom one kills light at top of stairs but not the staircase light.

I have a feeling this builder did a bunch of no-no’s but I’m not able to figure it out

I will try this soon. How do I configure the switch to act as 3 way?

Ok I thought you meant other switch as in the other end of the 3way, having the two switches in one box on two circuits is fine. They probably have all the neutrals tied together which is not great but common.

You dont need to do anything to configure the Zooz for the 3-way setup it comes setup by default for that. Only time you need to make a change is if you use a momentary switch (which is not what you have).

Video of installed Zooz Switch and the issue I am having. Followed JohnRob’s wiring recommendations and that was how I initially had it wired also before Support asked me to wire back in the Wemo to show it functional. Both videos attached.

Zooz: Weird 3 way Zooz Issue - YouTube

Video of installed Wemo which functions as expected

Wemo: Zooz Wiring 3 way help - YouTube

So the "common" on the dumb switch goes to the fixture correct?

This looks like it is common (screenshot), what is going on here with this wire nut? Is there more than one fixture this is connected to? Or what else is that tied to?


So that is tying together one black cable that goes into a romex (going to top of box) with just a neutral and the black.

And the other cable goes down to another romex with just a neutral.

Just for clarity. This box at bottom of steps has NEVER been rewired, this is how I got it in this home. However I did attempt to install the Zooz Switch down here and it had same issue so I put it back upstairs.

Update, so I unbundled that cap and my entire living room power runs though that. So that must be main power. So it was capped to send to the switch and living room.

Ok, so you possibly have two hot feeds wired in? Or I suspect on the side with the WEMO, the "Line/Load" was actually the LOAD, which is the light. It looks like that Line/Load is tied to a single black wire, so that would make sense it is possibly going to the fixture.

If that is the case, you need to wire it up as in diagram #2 but the Zooz would go where the dumb switch is currently. The black going to common on the dumb switch would be the LINE on the Zooz. The black wire connected to the WEMO Line/load would go on the common on the dumb switch.

I cannot be certain of this but what you have shown this would make the most sense to me.

That did it, I didn’t see this response till after I had done this. As a software engineer by trade the fact that this simple task has stumped me when it’s a basic RTFM moment gets me annoyed.

Thank you so much for your help! You pointing out that bundle of wires basically gave me the lightbulb moment.

Thanks again!

Everything is working, automated and cleaned up!!

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:+1: I almost didn't watch the whole video and would not have seen that little bundle, but I was missing something and I had to figure it out!

Oh, and shameless plug for this driver if you want to expose all the parameters for your new switch: