ZigBee Wireless Scene Switch

Anyone tried one of these remotes yet?

Just popped up on Amazon.ca for $23.00, wondering if it's worth ordering to play around with.
It's either a SMATRUL or YIFAN brand with model number YKQ005 or...?
4 buttons: pushed, double click or held actions supported.

Product features:

Product features:

--[Support zigbee+wifi products] Through APP settings, you can control zigbee or wifi products, including smart sockets, smart switches, smart bulbs, door magnets, temperature and humidity, etc
--[Pattern support customization] In order to meet your customization needs, the minimum number of MOQ patterns is 50. In addition, we also support customized packaging boxes, instructions, PID, etc. Welcome to contact us
--[Three Operation Modes] Each button can be set to click, double click and long press functions
--[Support multiple function settings] Take the bulb as an example: you can set on or off, set the brightness, and set the color. For more function operations, go to APP to set
--[2.5D HD tempered glass] In order to have a better feel, we have adopted curved tempered glass with higher cost, which is more high-end.
--[Fluorescence function] The button will emit a light light at night, indicating the position of each button, and the weak light will not disturb the rest of the family
--[Two fixing methods] They can be placed on the desktop at will, or fixed on the wall with their own screws. Suitable for various application scenarios
--[Long battery life] The CR2032 battery can be used for about 3 months (depending on the frequency of use) through theoretical calculation
--[Rope hole design] In order to prevent the loss of the remote control, it can be used with our Bluetooth anti loss device to find the remote control more quickly (note that the anti loss device needs to be purchased additionally)
--[Angle adjustment] The bracket can be adjusted 0-100 °, which is suitable for your best forehead angle
--[Sharing function] Share with your family for common control
--[Group function] can close or open group devices together, which is more convenient

Product parameters:

Battery: CR2032 battery (excluding battery)
Fluorescent: Supported
Network protocol: tuya zigbee 3.0
Voltage: 3.0V
Standby current:<=20uA
Emission current: 8mA
Operating temperature: - 10-40 ℃
Operating humidity: 0% - 85% RH, non condensing
Radio frequency: 2.4GHz
Panel material: 2.5D tempered glass
Remote control size: 118 * 45 * 13.5mm
Support size: 62.5 * 50 * 23.2mm


  1. The zigbee product must be used with the zibgee gateway (the gateway must be purchased separately or contact the customer service to purchase it)
  2. This product is powered by battery, not including battery
  3. When the power is cut off or the gateway is removed, the product needs to consume power because it is always looking for the gateway signal. It is recommended to take out the battery to save energy
  4. In the long press gesture mode, please release your hand when the indicator flashes once, otherwise it is easy to clear the signal

Someone posted this bit of info on Aliexpress.

TS0044 TZ3000_ u3nv1jwk

_TZ3000_u3nv1jwk is now added to the dev. branch of the Tuya TS004F driver, buy with confidence : )


Thanks @kkossev I'll give it a try!
Merry xmas to me. :wink:

This is the driver for it I grabbed:

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Overall I'm liking this scene switch/remote control.
Responsiveness has been good, the touch response is a little finicky, but it seems to be awake most times it's used.
The first battery went dead after a month, the next is still working 3 weeks later.
There's no battery info being reported ATM, not sure if that's due to the device or driver.

Haha... Updated the driver and there is now! thanks @kkossev
Nothing to compare with, but the battery is presently reporting 2.9V.

The black plastic seems to show fingerprints more than the white.
The holders are pretty basic but functional, very light so they do move around easily.
But for the price, it's pretty decent.
Solid 4/5 value (as long as the battery life was a fluke :wink: )
:star: :star: :star: :star:


I've just been having a bit of a play with my '44 and it seems the pushed/held/double tap functions work properly, although the lack of released kind of sucks. :unamused:
And although the button one held does initiate pairing mode if held too long, it doesn't appear to reset the remote.
Thanks again for all your work on the driver. :smiley:

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Make sure you are using the latest dev. branch version 2.6.3. or never. There are doubts that the previous versions starting from 2.5.0 up to 2.6.2 may cause extensive battery drain for some of the scene switches. You will need to pair the TS004F/TS0044 switch again to HE, to ensure the battery reporting is left as it is set by default from the manufacturer.

Yup, after last update it's at:

  • driverVersion : 2.6.3 2023/03/11 8:17 PM
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