Zigbee Unknown Device

I have just become aware of the zigbee and zwave graphs which were included in the last release. Holy cow, that's cool! Mad props to the user who created it, and props to the hubitat team for including it in core!

Now, I remember reading some posts on how to deal with an "unknown" zigbee device, but I can't seem to find the post again. I have an "unknown" device in my zigbee graph. When I scroll through my devices, I don't see anything suggesting an unknown device.

What is the best method to troubleshoot this, and remove the unknown device?

I just did this.
I did a Zigbee Rebuild Network.
I had removed a device, and it stuck around.
Probably only noticed because I was looking, but rebuild got rid of it.

Thank you very much! I'll give it a shot.

I can't see to find the Zigbee Rebuild Network option...

It's on the Zigbee section of the Settings page.

Is it the "Reset Zigbee Radio"?

NOOOOOOO. Don't click that!


Lmao. I wasn't! I was waiting for you :slight_smile:

Well... per my screenshot above... I do not seem to have those options.
That's weird....

Are you on version

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Are you running on a real old version of Hubitat?
The current version is .

Nope. I update about two days after a release.
I'm current.

I am on a C-7. Not sure if that makes a difference.

That is weird.
My zigbee details page looks like this:

Yeah, yours looks much better than mine :wink:

Okay, I'll tag support staff.
Not sure who that would be here.
@bobbyD ??

I think the C7 makes a difference.
Good idea about the tagging.


Thank you very much for the immediate assistance!

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Yes, this is only available on C-8.


That is correct, the additional features are only available on the C-8 models.

Mmmmkay. Well, while I wait for the new model, how would I go about removing an unknown device using the C-7?

So, there's no way to rebuild the zigbee net on a C-7? No command line?