Zigbee sockets

What are people using for zigbee sockets in the UK, see lots o chat on here but not in uk. Had a look at vesternet but the dont have any

Looking as repeaters

I use mostly Ikea Tradfri outlets. They have proven very reliable and seem to be good repeaters. The downsides are no manual switch and no power monitoring. If I need either of those I use Salus SP600s which are more expensive but have both. The Tradfri has a built in driver whereas the Salus needs to use a community driver to get the energy monitoring.

Salus Sp600 driver

Thanks for that, shame I was at IKEA last week!, I dont often need a switch and power so sound good

At £10 each you can't go wrong with the Tradfri outlet really. They also work well as repeaters for Xiaomi devices which can be fussy if you intend to get any of those.

I've just checked and they are actually on sale at the moment for £8 so even better!

Tradfri Outlet sale

Got 3 delivered for £28 !

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what about the Aone smart socket? bit more pricey though but much neater.

Someone has tried one but is having issues getting both outlets to appear.

Never see them, but just found this

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yeah but they are supported in ST so, it should be a case of finding the built in DH and convert it to a driver in HE.

Hi all,

New to all this so please bear with. I think like many, I've struggled to find any Zigbee UK power sockets that aren't either the plug in type, like the Ikea Tradfri, or horrendously expensive.

I came across these Click Smart+. I'm seeing them for sale at less than £30 for a double socket and less than £20 for a single (quite cool they do singles), They are Zigbee and importantly, look like a normal wall socket! I tried my best to search the forum before posting, but apologise if these have been discused before. Anyone tried?


Those sockets are branded as being zigbee, and as being compatible with their own hub. The technical specs (link below) provides no indication that they are ZHA 1.2 or Zigbee 3.0 compliant, which would be necessary for them to work with Hubitat.


I also looked up ClickSmart at the zigbeealliance, and couldn't find them

Their Switch Module has Zigbee 3.0 printed on it.

I wonder. We need a guinea pig to get one.


I love the click stuff, these might be perfect :slight_smile:

edit been looking for a high output switch module as well, want to control my towel rail :+1:

I sent a question to the manufacturer above and got this response.

Hi Bob, the ClickSmart+ devices do work on Zigbee 3.0 protocol. However, we do not have the software built into the devices to enable communication to different manufactures devices. So at this stage the protocol is a proprietary version of zigbee 3.0.

ClickSmart+ software interface isn’t designed to speak with any other hubs directly. While there may well be bridges built in the future which will enable more compatibility with other devices, such as the Smart Things Hub, at this time you will still need the Universal Hub (CSP010) to pair to and talk directly to each ClickSmart+ device in a home.


It would be worth trying to get hold of one of there devices and actually seeing if they work. I wouldn't be surprised if they do.

not bad price

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Same here. I've seen other zigbee 3.0 devices that "require" the manufacturer's hub/bridge, but they work fine with any ZHA1.2 coordinator.

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I've ordered a single outlet and will report how it goes. :crossed_fingers:


On a side note, just before Christmas I picked up a couple of the Lidl three way + 4 usb extensions, paired up to hubitat ok using a custom driver on here. The three sockets appear as child devices so they're individually controlled. It may be niche but I have found them great for things like Christmas lights and the bedside table (multiple lamps, phone charging etc).

I'm guessing they'll come around again, worth looking out for.

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I've been trying to get one. Never any in my local store.

I'm possibly lucky, I was in Blackheath (West Midlands) at the time, I suspect I was the only person buying anything at all from the smart home section as they were there for two weeks (I went back for another one and bought a few more bits), I went back the following week on the off-chance stuff had been discounted and the display was gone. Probably moved to a different store with shoppers who don't find fire to be a technological marvel.

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