Zigbee reset mistake

I made a mistake and reset my zigbee radio. As probably aware as I, all my zigbee devices are not responding. My devices are all still present. All apps are still present. Can anyone guide me to regain paired devices. I am able to install new zigbee devices. I do have backup prior to the reset if that helps. So stupid. I feel like an idiot.

This is to be expected. The radio has no record of these devices anymore.

If you have any cloud backups, you can restore the last cloud backup you made before resetting the zigbee radio.

Otherwise, you’ll have to individually reset each zigbee device, and put the hub into zigbee pairing mode. Devices should pair back with their old old name and device-id.

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Do I remove my cocohue devices and reset the hue hubs as well. Do I remove all the hue bulbs from hubitat as well. Do I need to remove them from the hue app and start over.


You only need to reset the zigbee devices that are DIRECTLY connected to Hubitat. Your Cocohue devices are a LAN integration with the Hue hub.

I presume the Cocohue devices and other LAN devices are working, arent they?

Great. I will choose a update from last week well before the reset.. Thank you.

Just wanted to emphasize, as @aaiyar mentioned, you’ll need a cloud backup in this situation. Not a local backup.

Cloud backups are included in the optional hub protect subscription service.


Note also that the Hub Protect (cloud) backups will only restore Zigbee on a model C-8. I didn't see any mention of model above.

If you have a C-7 or older, the only solution is to reset/re-pair all Zigbee devices--not quite as bad as it sounds, since the hub will recognize them as the same device and slot them right back into place (unlike Z-Wave, where you'd get a new device out of it and have to swap it out in apps, etc. yourself).


I do have a C8 and fortunately have cloud backup. I restored a backup from 8/21 cloud. Chose zigbee and files delete and overwrite. Seemed to go smooth and rebooted hubitat without issue, however, still no zigbee control over switches. Am I just being impatient and needs to repopulate or am I still having issues.

Do you see devices listed on Zigbee Details page? Make sure that you didn't disable the radio accidentally.

If you are referring to the zigbee logs page. Yes I do see devices populating.

how might I know if I disabled the zigbee radio ; All I can see points to it being online.

No, go to Settings then select Zigbee Details (this page would show if radio is disabled and what Zigbee devices are connected to the radio) - same page where you reset the radio.

Yes I saw that page. Only my inovelli switches are populated. Only one switch working correctly out of that population. Only 10 percent of total switches seen. Please advise.

How old is your backup? Maybe only inovelli switches were connected at the time when the backup was created?

I wish that were the case. Completed 3 cocohue bridges of hue bulbs first.

Pardon if I'm mis-reading your point, but Hue devices integrated via CoCoHue (or any of the other Hue integration options) will never show up on your Zigbee Details page since they are not paired directly to Hubitat.


Ahh. Didn’t know that. Makes sense. So why can I see them but not control the inovelli switches as before. Am I missing a step here. Just an observation but at wall switch level the switches are behaving like dimmer mode. In Hubitat devices the setting is enabled for smart bulb mode. Switch mode set to no selection. I can copy/paste the rule if needed.

If you reset the Inovelli switches at any point, the smart bulb mode setting onboard was likely lost. Even if you didn't, reconfiguring them can't hurt. To do so, you'll have to send a command from the hub (or use the convoluted on-device procedure, I suppose, but why). The "Configure" command on the device detail page should work, or even just a "Save Preferences" might too.

But it should be noted that "dimmer mode" and "smart bulb mode" are not mutually exclusive here--you can have smart bulb mode enabled (where controlling the switch won't actually do anything to the load, the intent being that you use some other method to control smart bulbs they are connected to, like Zigbee binding or an on-hub automation) with either switch (on/off only) or dimmer (on/off plus level) mode on the device.

It would be best to figure out what actually is and isn't working. Do "Logs" (left menu on the hub) or "Events" (button/tab on the top of the specific device page--keep in mind that, unlike logs, these only update when the page is reloaded) show anything in response to physical (on-device) or digital (from hub) actions on the switch?

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I looked at logs. Keep in mind that I’m a newbie but most logs say cocohue bridge event stream status is disconnected.

Any thoughts how to reconnect.

For a bridge to reconnect to Hubitat that was previously discovered does that hue bridge need to be factory reset to be discovered again.

I meant for the Zigbee devices that are having problems--not CoCoHue, which is just a LAN integration and should work as before if you restore a backup, even just a local backup (again, it's not Zigbee, so seemingly unrelated to your real problem, which the above should help figure out the nature of).

As for the message itself, it's somewhat normal from time to time (long discussion in the CoCoHue thread). It should reconnect on its own in a few seconds. Or the feature can remain disabled, as it is by default (in which case this may not be a problem at all), and the traditional polling interface will continue to see changes. Sending commands does not rely on either and should work either way. But this brings up a related question: are you unable to control Hue devices from Hubitat from their device detail page? It's not clear exactly where the problems are.

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