Zigbee Packet Sniffer-Cheap &Works


I'm in way over my head and have no idea what I'm going to do with this. It provides a level of detail I'll hopefully understand at some point. I had seen very expensive sniffers and thought for 9 bucks(apparently i missed the sale !) I'd give it a shot. Came fully flashed and ready to go, all I had to do was load the Texas Instruments free software, and set my zigbee channel

Link to product(on one website)



This is interesting to me. I'm interested in getting a zigbee sniffer, but I don't necessarily want a complex/permanent/routing solution like an Xbee.

Simply want to see the network, and see the routing table.

I see that a number of people on ST use this sniffer as well.

EDIT 1: FYI - Looks like TI released a version 2 of the software just last week, too.

EDIT 2: Hubitat support said they use "a ConBee zigbee stick with WireShark using DeConBee2Wireshark". So that is another option - it is ~$40 on Amazon.


Can't find it in Europe.
Importing it from the US is an estimated total cost of $52


Odd, as it is made/supported by a German company - Dresden Elektronik.



Let me check if I can order directly from them.
I just did a quick check in Amazon and is not available anywhere besides Amazon.com

Apparently it does but the site is all in German. :confused:

Will think if I hit the German checkout without even understanding what is said :joy::rofl:


I would check the manufacturer store link in my post above.

If you can't get it there, then I don't know...


You can change the Language for their site to English via a drop down at the top of the page.


That's no fun. :slight_smile:


You guys wouldn't believe me if I told you that I don't saw the option when I initially browse the page (I'm in mobile)?

I'm getting old. :joy::roll_eyes:


is more Expensive being it directly from the MFT than through Amazon with Customs included..



That is bizarre.


$8.15 US delivered. That's a no brainer. Thanks, I ordered one.


Tagging @veeceeoh in case he hasn't ordered one yet.


I already ordered the CC2531 from banggood, with an expected delivery date of Feb 11.

I haven't don't any reading about the TI software tool, but based on that screenshot it's not breaking down the payload and other data into all the parts of ZigBee messages. Perhaps there's options to turn on that kind of helpful parsing, or the data can be channeled to WireShark for parsing.

All of that said, If anyone were to donate a ConBee towards helping with my Xiaomi / Aqara "research", I wouldn't say no. :rofl:


According to the install instructions for the software, it requires "wire shark for packet display and filtering".


I better start reading up on it all now, in that case!



I use wireshark with my conbee, it does a pretty decent job of decoding the payloads.
The conbee sniffer software sucks.


I also use a CC2531. The only free and compatible software I found was TI's own Packet Sniffer application (the legacy version, not the newer PacketSniffer 2), but that is more or less unusable (does not decrypt messages, and UI is a mess). But it can broadcast the messages to network!

So I wrote an application that receives these messages, transforms them from TI's format to a Wireshark-supported protocol (ZEP), and sends these packets to localhost - so that I can easily capture them in Wireshark.

With this setup I only had to buy a CC2531 stick, and now I can sniff my network keys, store them in Wireshark, and all my Zigbee PANs are decrypted automatically... extremely convenient!

But it could be even more convenient if I could eliminate both Packet Sniffer and my tool, so in case anyone finds a way to integrate a cheap aliexpress CC2531 to wireshark directly, please let me know! :slight_smile:


You’ve got it. PM me your details I’ll forward the cash.


PM me if you need a tool for this... :slight_smile: