Zigbee not working after power outage

C-8 Pro

I had a power outage and my zigbee radio doesn't appear to be working. I rebooted and rebuilt the database, and also shut down and left it for a while. It still has the following symptoms:
In the Zigbee Details page, only a few devices out of about 30 have one ping and those that even do have a ping are not responding to any commands.

Are there any other troubleshooting techniques I can do before doing a factory reset and re-attaching all my devices?

It looks like my issue may be similar to Migration help needed - C7 to a C8 Pro - ZigBee issues post migration

I will keep an eye on that thread but keep this one open just in case it is different.

When there is a power outage, there can be voltage surges as the system goes down and as it comes back up. At the very least, you should protect your modem, router, hub and any bridges with a surge protector, but a Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is better.

As I do have use UPS devices, I never worry about damaging the hub. However, I have lost several mains powered smart plugs that act as repeaters. If your system relies heavily on repeater devices, losing a critical repeater might take you mesh offline until the mesh rebuilds itself.

You might check to see if this is a WiFi interference issue. If your router or Hubitat came back up on a different channel they might be interfering with one another. WiFi, Bluetooth, and Zigbee share the same 2.4 gHz bandwidth, so you have to be careful with channel assignments.

Thanks for the info on wifi channels. I configured my access points to broadcast on channel 1 and 6, and made hubitat broadcast on 25, so that shouldn't be an issue in theory.

I notice that after a few hours, about a third of my devices have a few pings, but I can't configure them or modify their state.

How long was the hub offline?

I would first shut down the hub and unplug for 30 seconds and then boot back up.

Then try power cycling a single device that would direct connect to the hub normally, something easy to get at like a wall plug. See if that brings it back at all. Next if that does not work try resetting that device and pairing it to the hub again (it will drop into same device so there is no harm in trying this).

Let us know the results.

C8 here, not C8 Pro.

I've had problems with my battery operated Zigbee devices after an overnight power outage.
I have no mains-powered Zigbee devices.
I wound up visiting a lot of devices and rejoining.
Did nothing else drastic.
Unclear if just leaving it alone would also have done it.

How long was the power outage?

Also, I'd suggest a battery backup.

Could the power outage caused any of your devices to fail and flood your Zigbee mesh? For example,Ed do you have any GE Jasco Zigbee switches from the 2017-2018 days? They are known to fail after breaker is switched on/off or after power outages. You might go to Zigbee settings and click the Zigbee logs button to see what traffic your hub is receiving.

Strangely enough, everything started working after doing a Zigbee scan for new devices. :man_shrugging:
Thank you for the ideas!

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It sounds like the Zigbee network had to rebuild itself after the power outage. During the outage, the battery powered devices would continue trying to communicate with the hub and offline repeaters. When power is restored, the hub and repeaters come back online, but the entire mesh is now messed up.