Zigbee Network Issues


Thanks all. My lights are connected to IRIS V1 plugs which work flawlessly. Basically all the devices listed above are IRIS V1 plugs. Zarthan, when all the V1 sensors are paired and working, they list correctly with good RSSI connection numbers to the V1 plugs which are less than 15 feet from the sensors. Thanks for your help, this will probably be the 5th time I had to repair them again. My zigbee channel is 22, I have tried others also. I have also removed Osram bulbs which I hear are bad repeaters. Wish there were more diagnostic tools available. With the Iris hub I never had any of these issues; but, I appreciate HE engineers trying to support us IRIS users.


I don't have any experience with Iris V1 sensors, but if you are interested in improving the mesh there are a couple of takeaways from the 'ChildandRoute' info that the hub provides. Since no devices appear after 'Child Data', it looks like none of your end devices (motion and contact sensors) link directly to the hub. So they all must be routed through one of the devices in the 'neighbor table entry' list.

The routes with high cost are not likely to be used because of higher probability of packet loss unless there is no better path available to the device (per Ember stack documentation, numbers tending towards '1' are good links; '7' are bad links). You might want to look at the 'Furnace' and 'Robot2' routers to see if they might be relocated to improve their link quality (there might be some metal obstruction or something else attenuating their signals). If your end devices are using them as parents or routing through them, improving these links may be helpful.

A bit more on the neighbor table entry definitions is provided here: EmberNeighborTableEntry Struct Reference - v6.4 - Zigbee em35x API Documentation Silicon Labs


Thanks Tony, 'Furnace' and 'Robot2' were the furthest away from the motions sensors and the hub. I relocated them feet away from the hub and motion sensors. Before I "re-pair" my contact and motion sensors, what steps should I follow to the to rebuild the mesh? Yesterday, I unplugged all the V1 plugs and turned off the hub, waited to this morning, then powered up the plugs and then the hub. Thanks


Looking good so far. Its been almost 2 days and my Zigbee radio has not dropped once. I still want to give it a good week before I call it solved though.


Is this since the soft reset?




I believe the recommended way to do it is to power off the hub (for about 20-30 min.) while leaving the routing devices powered on; that way they can discover that they have lost contact with the coordinator and rebuild their neighbor tables. I think (but am not certain) that if you just power them off before the 'lost contact' panic is recognized, some of the neighbor data may persist and the mesh won't be re-built if the time between the subsequent power on of the routers and hub isn't sufficient.


This is the first time I tried this URL, and it just returns a bunch of raw html and javascript. I'm sure the data I'm looking for is in there, but shouldn't the browser render this stuff? I've tried multiple browsers. Is this a result of a change made in the newer versions of software potentially?

Actually, I just went through the html, and it's an error 500 message. Does this URL even work on


It does work in sometimes. When it wants to...


Hi, make sure you substitute your hub_ip in the URL.


The first couple of times it worked for me.
Now I get the same as you. Just doesn't want to work anymore. :thinking:


Never worked for me... I've always gotten:

but today, I tried my "new" 4th Hub and it works. There's no Zigbee on that hub.. but at least it's not just html, dumped.


Same hub Firmware.

Maybe a early symptom of a DB corruption.


It isn't...


After seeing this discussion, I tested the url on mine, and its worked perfectly every time I've tried it.

As an aside, and just out of curiosity, what does "low ram" in the "concentratorType:" field mean?



great to know...


Same here