ZigBee network is not online

Hi there,

I'm brand new to Hubitat. I have a C7 running the latest firmware (v. I'm having issues pairing an E11-G13 SengLED bulb. The reason is because the Zigbee network is not online. I read in another article that it is likely because of a bad player spamming the hub, and a reboot of the hub resolves that problem--I only have the one device; however, even on reboot, I'm not seeing the Zigbee radio come online, and there are 0 logs within the Zigbee logging section. Is there any specific place where I can get low level debug logging to health check the radio itself to determine if my hub is a lemon?

The Zigbee Status is set to "Enabled". The Zigbee Network State and Pan ID are blank and the Extended PAN ID is set to "Null". I've attempted to change the radio channel, toggling the status from enabled to disabled, and rebooting the hub. In all cases I'm still left with the "ZigBee network is not online" system status message. Whenever I try to change the radio, it hangs on the "Please Wait, Changing Zigbee Channel." loading splash for 2 minutes then shows that it's still using the default channel of 11 (so its failing to change its channel, and I'm assuming because the radio itself is in a bad state). When toggling the status from enabled to disabled then back to enabled, the page loads for approximately 3 minutes, but it at least shows the status as "enabled" (though the network is not online).

One other thing I forgot to mention is that I did attempt a "Reset Zigbee Radio" with no avail.

Thanks in advance for any help or assistance. I'm totally stumped without good logging...

That sounds pretty wonky to me. I have seen the radio go offline when the hub is experiencing severe load but that doesn't sound like the issue in your case at all. If you're brand new you couldn't have gone too far down the app rabit hole. If you go to the logs tab and look at device and app stats that may give you some hint. I'm also wondering if it's a HW problem but that's just a guess. I suspect you're going to need some help from Hubitat to resolve this one.

@BobbyD any thoughts?

From an older thread with simliar symptoms:


Please try the steps that @thebearmay linked above and if that doesn't work, send us an email to support@hubitat.com along with your hub's MAC address and purchase order details.


What a great community--thank you all for the quick responses!

I followed the steps to a T, and the radio still shows the following:

One thing to note that when disabling, shutting down hub, unplugging power for a minute, and then powering back on, the ability to enable the Zigbee radio was much faster... but it still resulted in the "network is not online" status with the unexpected null values.

I'll go ahead and update my support request to include the MAC address and purchase order details. Thanks again for all the help. Hopefully I'll be able to contribute once I get a little bit of experience under my belt.


Just for the sake of closure, the replacement hub is what I needed. It immediately showed the Zigbee radio status in a healthier state and the network being online.

Amazing community and support. Thank you all for taking the time to help me!

Cheers and Blessings,


Hi there. I followed your steps: disable radio, shut down, unplug, wait one minute, plug back in,

IT WORKED!! Thank you sooo much! Awesome.

I am a bit surprised, however, that I could not find a "trouble shooting guide." Maybe I missed it? Is there a link to one?

Thank you again.


Brand new user, just received and hooked up my new Hubitat.
It should be exciting! I have a couple of Zigbee devices to hook up...
"Zigbee network is not online"

Great, just what I wanted, a new thing to constantly struggle with and troubleshoot...

Reset didn't help.
Disabling radio, shutdown, restart, Re-enabling didn't work.
Guess I'm emailing support for a new device. This sucks.

Tagging @support_team.

To get support and open a Warranty Claim, please use the new Hubitat Support Portal.

You can also click here:


Thanks for reaching out. We've received your warranty claim, and also sent you a private message. Please check notifications in the upper right corner, you should see a message from me.


Thank you. I used the support tool. I've received the messages, and I have already been shipped a new device. And over a Saturday night / Sunday morning! That's really impressive!