Zigbee firmware update - one succesful, then won't do any more

I was able to successfully update a Third Reality contact sensor via the built-in firmware update and confirmed in the logs it went 100% and even saw in the log the device battery change to 100% magically (yay).

But when I went to my next third-reality device, nothing happens after I press the update button and confirm it. There's nothing in the logs for sys:1 at all and no errors thrown. Maybe something is stuck/broken with the updating mechanism that isn't cleared (like waiting to do another firmware update until the first one finishes)?

Have you confirmed the model and firmware are the same as the one that updated? Is the firmware already on the latest?

I have confirmed the model and firmware are correct. Current version of firmware is 21, device has version 17, just like the one that finished updating.

After rebooting the hub, I was able to update another device, and again, not able to update another.

I am also having issues with my C7 hub with Third Reality Door Sensor Model# 3RDS17BZ. I have installed several different sensors of the same model and all function normally but the battery level is 43% on all despite replacing the batteries. Can anyone instruct me on where to obtain the latest firmware for these sensors (or any sensors for that matter). I have the Device Firmware Updater installed but I do not know where to find the firmware files. I have done a Google search for the files for that specific device but cannot seem to find it. Thanks for any help.

ZB firmware updates work differently from ZW... For ZB, the manu has to give Hubitat staff a copy of the f/w file, and staff then makes it available.

I don't recall if a update is available for the 3R CS -- I was using that device for a while, but no longer do.

To check, go to the top of sensor's Device page and look for a "Update Firmware" button (hopefully that option will be there). My example here is from a different ZB device. If it's there, open a new browser tab with the Live Logs view up.

Click the Update Firmware button - the Live Logs page will reflect update status -- if no update is available, it will say that. If it is available, you'll be able to monitor the progress on the Logs page.

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Thanks for the prompt response. I followed your advice and there is indeed a firmware update button which I engaged. I was given a confirmation warning / disclaimer by Hubitat and agreed. When I view the live log screen after this, I do not see any firmware progress of verification that I have requested an update. Should this be evident immediately or does it take some time to begin?
Thanks for the help.

Not sure what's going on then... It's admittedly been a while since I've done a ZB firmware update, but I was always able to verify its progress/status using Live Logs. Is there anything right now in the Past Logs for that device?

I followed your suggestion and initiated the update. The live log announced a download and beginning install. After about 15 minutes of watching there is no further mention of the update and no change in the device info listed on the device page. The battery level is still inaccurate so I assume that no update was completed. Do you know if there should be a confirmation or recognition of new firmware i.e. removal of the update firmware button or a update of the device info on the device page to identify the firmware version? Thanks

My memory says that for battery powered devices, the hub sends the update when the device wakes up and reports to the hub. Try waking the sensor up.

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The Update Firmware button will always stay there -- it's unfortunately not dynamic based on f/w availability.

This may be an issue with the device not waking up or not staying awake... Battery devices can be finicky in that respect.

I'd next try disabling the device (I realize that sounds unintuitive), and try the update sequence again while watching the Live logs.

If successful, just remember to re-enable the device after.

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Thanks for all the help. After changing the sensor to "Device" and attempting the update again I get the following message in the Live Log: 2023-11-11 11:53:35.157 AMwarnFirmware update for [name:Door Kitchen, manufacturer:Third Reality, Inc, imageFileName:null, fileVersion:null] failed, check if the device supports over the air firmware updates.